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Welcome to a new era of B2B sales

With Walnut, everyone can create killer tailor-made demos without coding a single line.
B2B sales leaders can say bye to non-personal and old-fashion demos, forget about Murphy's law bugs, and collect critical insights about their team's performance.

Our Values


We don’t come to work. We create amazing products with a purpose.


We’re all about transparency. We believe in our team dedication and we trust each other.

Mission driven

No room for bullshit. We all move together towards our goal to be a game-changer in the industry.

Have fun!

Come on! You’re already getting our vibe, aren’t you?

Never stop learning

Feedback is key. We never stop learning, adapting, and we seek continuous improvement.

Our Vibes

We love your pet

Cat, dog, or sloth, we want your pet-animal with us, whoever he is.

We are all about flexibility

Office in flip-flops or home with slippers, we love you the same.

We make a real team

Happy hour is the only mandatory meeting. Not really. Don’t push it.

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