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Sales demos for sales leaders

Personalize each aspect of your sales demo, with Walnut’s completely codeless approach requiring no back-end knowledge.

  • Customize each demo for the client you’re presenting to without R&D
  • Try different copywriting and images in seconds
  • Create custom flows that only highlight what you want to show

Goodbye, sales demo malfunctions

No more nail-biting moments – Walnut is cloud-based and doesn’t require your product to actually work during the sales call.

  • Build preset use cases to ensure quality across your team
  • Take the guesswork out of your sales flow with analytics
  • Collect feedback from clients and peers about your demo

A code-less approach to selling much, much better

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Step 1

Capture the most relevant parts of your product

Choose which parts of your product should be formed into the new cloud-based sales experience.

Step 2

Customize the new product demo

Open the demo in our online editor to tailor it for each demo yourself without writing a single line of code.

Step 3

Master your sales with Walnut analytics

Our analytics gives you insights into what was a good demo, and how the next one can be even better.

Who is it for

We help forward thinking teams and executives sell better,
with a super-charged sales experience.


Understand the bottom line

CRO, VP Sales? You now can see how your sales team performs over time

Get the full picture

Get transparency into how individual members perform and help them improve

Close more deals in less time

Each demo turns into an easy, failure-free and personalized event