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Nuts About Walnut: Testimonial - Dror Zaide - COO, Eleos Health

Nuts About Walnut: Testimonial - Dror Zaide

In this new video series, we introduce our users and how Walnut helped them solve some of their biggest business pains.

For the first episode, we had the pleasure to interview Dror Zaide, COO of Eleos Health, a revolutionary company that uses AI to help mental care providers.

Read the full interview or watch the video below:

Hey Dror, introduce yourself and Eleos

My name is Dror, I’m one of the co-founders and Chief Operating Officer at Eleos Health. Basically, Eleos helps mental help providers to become more effective and more efficient. We sit in the background of therapy sessions, in a HIPAA compliant way after the client’s consent. And help clinicians save time on their documentation and also provide better care as we show them insights and analytics on specific sessions. 

How were you running your demos until now? 

Until Walnut, we were running our demos from our product. This would cause us to basically have something like 20 to 30 percent of our roadmap or weekly sprint devoted into sales. Every time I needed a customization I needed to have a developer from our team, to go and do that for the sales team. And then we could go and sell it to the different prospects and hopefully, they’ll become customers after. 

Why did you choose to move to Walnut?

I found Walnut through an email that I received. I heard about the company and the name and I thought that would be cool once it would become a problem on our hand. And then I remembered that we had a weekly planning of what we’re gonna do this week, and I saw that 30 to 35 percent of the work that needs to be done is for sales. And you know, we’re a startup company, we need to be very (very) efficient with what our developers are doing because they’re expensive resources and we want to make sure they’re building things that are in our roadmap. And then I said, well let’s give it a try. 

Concretely how do you use the platform?

At the beginning, it was, you know, unknown, like how it’s gonna be. I was worried that it’s gonna be a lot of work to, you know, prepare the demo. And then I have to say that it was very (very) intuitive. Basically, it captures the way your product looks like, and then you can just change everything however you want. It was easy and simple. And I did have a WOW effect which, I don’t need my developers to do anything for me, I can just go ahead and do it.

Then I started experimenting with it. The developers were very (very) thankful for us bringing in it to the company because now they don’t need to build things for the sales team – or it’s very rare that they need to. We can just run freely and experiment with our sales, and customize it [the demo] to different clients and see what’s working, what’s not working, and we don’t need to nudge our developers. We can just go ahead and sell, which is amazing. 

What do you enjoy most about your experience with Walnut?

The thing that I enjoy the most about Walnut is the level of freedom, flexibility, and customization that I can create as a salesperson. And then I can also create like a practice mode for my reps to practice before they go and do their demos. I don’t need any developer to support me. We can just go ahead, run and sell fast, learn fast, iterate, change and continue. 

What’s the biggest pain Walnut solves for your company?

The biggest pain Walnut solves for us is not to invest developers’ time on sales demos, if we can spend other people’s time that is less expensive in a way to do so. So it freed up 35% of our development workforce and basically, we can move much faster. We can focus only on things that are in our roadmap, and not focus on developing things for sales, that now can be done in a better way, with an easier workflow. 

Walnut freed up 35% of our development workforce

Do you use Walnut for other business needs? 

I wanted to test whether people would notice if I’m selling a Walnut of our product or if I’m selling the product. We embedded Walnut within our website, so we have the favicon, we have all the symbols, the web address and everything, and people can’t notice, even like, investors or advisors that we have, and even our own employees can’t know if it’s Walnut or the product. And when you’re a salesperson, there is a show that you’re selling, and everyone has a role in that show, and Walnut plays like the main role in that show, which is playing our product. It was quite astonishing to see that nobody can tell the difference. 

How would you summarize Walnut in one sentence? 

How to summarize Walnut in one sentence? I’ll do it in two words: Sales freedom. That’s what it is for me.

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