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Live Event: Every Sales Pro Should Hear From These 5 Industry Leaders

Live Event: Every Sales Pro Should Hear From These 5 Industry Leaders

It’s time for the B2B sales experience to more closely resemble the B2C one.

While B2C sales have become intuitive, transparent, personalized, and engaging, the B2B sales experience has remained in the dark ages. But it shouldn’t be like this. Now that virtual is the new norm, sales decision-makers need to find new ways and solutions to put the prospects at the center of the experience while showing the product value quickly and efficiently.

This topic is truly dear to our heart. At Walnut, we’re working to do exactly this: giving sales teams the opportunity to provide interactive and personalized product experiences that answers the prospects’ exact needs from the outset.

Join the conversation around this crucial topic at our upcoming event on Thursday, October 21, co-hosted with our friends from CloudShare and Sales Hacker.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why storytelling can change the game even in technical sales
  • How hands-on experimentation with the product can win over prospects
  • What it means to deliver customer-centric sales experiences
  • How to leverage offline experiences to personalize the customer journey
  • How to shorten the path from data to engagement
Closing the Gap Between B2B and B2C Sales Experiences

To get hyped about the event, watch some previous interviews we had with each of the panelists:

Lou Wolf – VP Sales at ZoomInfo

Best sales tip:

“Get uncomfortable. You have to challenge somebody, you can’t take everything that the prospect says as a hundred percent. If everything is easy and comfortable, you’re not doing your job correctly.”

Kris Rudeegraap – CEO at Sendoso

Best sales tip:

“Co-selling. Working with execs, partners, advisors, and getting great at co-selling.”

Brian Cotter – SVP, Global Sales Engineering at Seismic

Best sales tip:

“Be so overly prepared that you can enact what I call “situational fluency,” meaning there’s no situation that you can not figure out, navigate, go up around and over.”

Ido Niv-RonCRO at CloudShare

Best sales tip:

“Let things breathe. You don’t have to talk all the time. Pauses are not awkward. They’re good. You let the other side actually think, you let things break. You let the other side feel like they’re not being rushed and you give them the time they need to give you the information you need to make the sale successful.”

Adir Ben-Yehuda – VP Sales & Founding Member at Walnut

(As the VP of Sales at Walnut, Adir didn’t get his own Nuts About Sales interview, but we do have this lovely interview with him and Christina Brady, President of Sales Assembly.)

‍If you’re looking to optimize your B2B sales experience, you won’t want to miss this panel!

(We’ll also upload a recording of the discussion to this page, so keep an eye out if you can’t make it to the live event.)

Sign up for the event here.

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