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How ColorTokens Reduced Time to Value for Customers and Improved Demo Quality

Walnut case study ColorTokens
How ColorTokens Reduced Time to Value for Customers and Improved Demo Quality


‘We wanted to be ahead of the curve, but our current processes wouldn’t allow us to do that’

To enable buyers and prove value, ColorTokens used to create videos that would try to showcase the product. The problem was that these videos were not only incredibly time consuming to create, but their impact on customers was also relatively limited.

“We struggled with driving buyer engagement. And that meant it was a challenge to make an impact on buyers.”


‘With Walnut, we’re able to deliver value to customers 2-3 times faster than before’

According to ColorTokens, Walnut not only allows the team to deliver demos ten times faster than the videos they were making, but also speeds up the time to value. 

“It’s not just about the ability to build more demos than the videos we were creating. With Walnut, we’re able to deliver value to customers 2-3 times faster than before.” 


Our customers often comment that they quickly understood the value of our products. And to me, that is success.’

Using Walnut to showcase the product has not only helped ColorTokens show the value earlier and drive demand among their target audience, but the company has also received tons of positive feedback from customers about their demos. And that is the biggest win for ColorTokens.  

“We’re giving the power to the buyers. To that end, we were able to greatly accelerate the time to create new demos, and our customers often comment that they quickly understood the value of our products. And to me, that is success.”


Venky, a field CTO at ColorTokens, desperately wanted to showcase their innovative product, but struggled when it came to execution.

As part of his role at the company, he used to create videos to explain the product’s value. The problem was that these videos were super time consuming to produce, with the more complex videos taking up to a month to create.

But that wasn’t even the most frustrating part. If the team made a mistake while they were capturing the video, they had to start all over again from the beginning. 

This meant that ColorTokens struggled to scale and keep pace with the rest of the market.

‘From my own experience, when I see a video, it’s more of a passive experience. But we needed our demos to feel as if you’re interacting with the real thing’  

For ColorTokens, the real challenge went deeper than that. 

In addition to being incredibly time consuming to make, the videos weren’t making the impact they needed to on customers.   

Based on Venky’s experience, he was well aware of the fact that everyone digests content differently. And often with videos, people miss various pieces or need to rewind or skip sections. For demoing specifically, videos make it hard to double down on a specific section.  

So, to cut down time spent editing videos as well as offer demo experiences that made an impact on customers in a scalable way, Venky knew they needed to make a change. 

That’s when ColorTokens started using Walnut. 

‘Now, we are much more agile when it comes to our content creation’

Right away, ColorTokens noticed a tangible difference. 

The team was now able to change elements of their demos on the fly, which helped ColorTokens take a much more agile approach to content creation. 

Now, a demo that used to take up to a month to create could be made in a couple of hours with Walnut. 

‘Walnut is a powerful tool because it allows buyers to consume content at their own pace’

Even more important, Walnut allowed ColorTokens to give the power to the buyers, which meant they could control the narrative.   

By making buyers “the true heroes of the story” and enabling them to digest Walnut demos at their own speed, they can move quickly through areas that are less interesting for them and take more time viewing the parts that do pique their interest.

For ColorTokens though, they realized early on that they could do even more with Walnut. 

Here are just some of the other ways ColorTokens utilized Walnut:

1. Champion enablement—The team has a few Walnut demos ready to go that they’ll send to prospects after a call. This way, the champions can show these demos to other stakeholders at their company. 

2. Demos for user release notes—When the team wants to send a user release note to customers, they now include a Walnut demo that will walk them through the new feature or capability. 

3. Support team enablement—The support team uses Walnut to create feature walkthroughs that they can use for objection handling and to improve response time.    

4. Demos for internal process changes—With Walnut, ColorTokens can now create demos that are used to explain changes in internal processes. 

‘With Walnut, the time to value is two or three times faster than before. So to me, that’s the major return on investment’ 

All of this has given the team everything they need to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the customer. 

So, with Walnut, the ColorTokens team noticed that the time to value is two or three times faster than before. 

And as a result, they have seen an improvement in the buying experience that they can offer customers, which is a major win for the company.

‘The consistently positive feedback we get from customers about our Walnut demos is really powerful’

The ability to highlight the product’s value earlier in the process and in less time has empowered the ColorTokens team to drive demand among the key market segments they’re targeting. 

On top of this, it helps them start conversations with high-value customers as well as better understand prospects’ priorities. 

But for Venky, the best part of using Walnut has been the feedback they’ve gotten from their customers. 

The fact that customers are able to see a Walnut demo and understand in five minutes how the product can address their specific pain points means everything to Venky and ColorTokens.

Create demos your prospects will love today.

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