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We want to hear from you! Sign up for our research program to test out new features and give us important feedback so we can help you crack some of your toughest challenges.

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Get a $50 Amazon gift card for every session you participate in. If you prefer, we’ll donate it to a nonprofit of your choice instead.

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No commitment required . Twice a month, you’ll get an email from us,  suggesting you to join a  call with our team. We’ll have many slots, so you could choose the time that works for you best.

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Meet our team for 45 minutes, where you’ll try our newest features, gather your feedback, ensure it meets your needs, and tell us what you’d like to see next.

Step 3: Collect your reward

Get a $50 Amazon gift card for every session you participate in. If you prefer, we can instead donate the gift to a non-profit organization of your choice.
We've loved working with the team at Walnut. They're a best-in-class group driving serious value for customers.
Skylar Russell
Partnerships Manager at Tray.io

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