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Two facts about your SaaS sales demos: They're too hard to make and your prospects wait too long to see them. Until now!

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Close faster with
ready-to-go demos

Save your team (tons) of time by giving them reusable sales demo templates they can easily personalize for each prospect.

Convert better with personalized demos

Boost your sales experience with tailor-made sales demos. Add guides to so they walk through your product by themselves.

Sell smarter based on users’ insights

Learn which features your prospects use to optimize your demos accordingly. Track top-performing demos to close more.

Skyrocket your sales team’s performance.

The most advanced demo solution for sales teams—at your fingertips.


It shouldn’t take weeks for prospects to see your product.

Send a link to a guided and personalized demo with your outreach and get more meetings booked.

Qualify prospects based on actual product usage and avoid unnecessary calls.

Account Executive

Every prospect deserves a unique buying experience.

Present an interactive and personalized demo during the demo call that focuses on value.

Enable your champion by sending guided sales demos in your follow-up email that they can share internally.

Sales Leader

From now on, there’ll be no more demo blind spots.  

Gain insights into your team’s demo performance and track your top-performing demos.

Understand your buyers’ behavior and intent based on their demo use and optimize your sales process.

Forget everything you know about sales demos.

Automagically personalize your demos

  • Let your team personalize each sales demo in seconds with our demo wizard.

  • Scale personalization by easily updating each demo with your prospect's name and company.

Share and collaborate with prospects and teammates

  • Send guided and personalized sales demos to your champions so they can share it within their organization.

  • Collaborate with your team on your sales demos and fine-tune the details together.

Tap into prospects’ minds with advanced analytics

  • Track all the sales demo metrics you need to learn how your prospects use your product.

  • Gain actionable insights to further optimize your demos.

Walnut enables the sales team to customize demos before each meeting, which increases the bottom line conversion rate.
Snir Ben-Shemol
Executive Director at Varonis

Did you have other questions?

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.
What is a software sales demo?

Software sales demos are used by sales teams to present software to prospective buyers. The sales demo is usually presented with the intent of helping the customers determine whether the software can provide the right solutions for them.

What is the purpose of sales demo software?

A sales demo software is a suite of tools to help your sales team create optimized, higher-converting sales demos. With a sales demo software like Walnut, for example, sales teams can create personalized, interactive, and codeless demos that’ll enhance the prospect’s buying experience.

What is an example of a sales demo solution?

Walnut is a great example of a sales demo solution. With Walnut, you can customize sales demos for each prospect to offer a customer-centric sales experience and increase your chances of closing the deal.

What are sales demo best practices?

Here are some best practices to ensure a more effective sales demo:
1) Make the experience interactive and engaging.
2) Personalize the demo for your prospect’s needs.
3) Be human, relatable, and transparent.

Create tailored sales demos that close deals.

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