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Grow your revenue with unprecedented intelligence

Better demos is just the start. Boost efficiency in your sales cycle with a completely new way to communicate with customers and never-before-tracked insights.

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Sell smarter

Improve your sales strategy with access to behind-the-scenes data that’ll shed light on buyers’ intent and where they are in the sales process.

Communicate better

Put a stop to endless back-and-forth emails and inefficient communication by collecting feedback directly on your interactive demos.

Work smoother

Stop running in circles to find what you need. Enjoy key integrations that consolidate all your Walnut data in your CRM.

The best part of your demo is what happens next.

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Don’t miss out on the sales product of your dreams.

Collect feedback directly on demos

  • Ensure effective communication by gathering your prospects’ comments directly on your demos.

  • Respond quickly to specific concerns in context and continue the conversation where you left off.

Automatically know what works

  • Leave the guesswork behind by getting a clear ranking for each of your demos based on engagement.

  • Know which demos are succeeding, which ones need improvements, and which ones should be trashed.

Analyze your buyers’ demo flow

  • Track your buyers’ every move. Ok, not literally, but you can now utilize a visual flow chart of how they move through your demo.

  • Focus on each buyer’s needs by seeing which areas of the demo pique their interest and which leads them to churn.

Consolidate your data

  • Work faster by integrating all your demo data with your CRM.

  • Stay on top of your opportunities by tracking all your information in one place.

You’ll sleep better once you go Beyond Demos.

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