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Sell more with less using AI and powerful integrations.

Speed up your sales process with Walnut Ace! Create better demos faster, script demo pitches in seconds, and engage with prospects at the perfect time.

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Work more efficiently

Collaborate in real time on demo creation and enjoy the power of AI to craft demo pitches in seconds.

Respond quicker to prospects

Instantly track prospects’ demo views to make sure you talk to them when they’re the most engaged.

Boost outreach conversion

Send the perfect demo for each prospect directly from Gmail. Share the exact demo they seek in one click.

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Happy Reps, Happy Prospects

Manage Your Sales Team Through a Downturn
MAR 14, 2023  |  12 PM EST
Samantha McKenna
Anna Talerico
Devin Liu
Commercial Sales
Debra Sen
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Your secret card to move deals faster.

Craft demo pitches instantly with OpenAI

Use OpenAI to quickly draft engaging product stories, enrich your demo’s content, and answer any questions.

Share the perfect demo directly from Gmail

Add interactive demos to follow-up emails or cold outreach in seconds. Quickly find and send the exact demo you want without leaving Gmail.

Get Slack alerts the moment someone views a demo

The best time to talk with prospects is when you’re top of mind. Receive Slack messages when prospects view your demos and move deals forward more efficiently.

Collaborate when creating a demo—in real time

Say goodbye to ineffective communication when creating demos. Prevent endless back and forth by letting your team work together in real time.

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