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What do sales reps and leaders need to succeed?

In an uncertain macroeconomic climate, understanding what’s really going on for both the B2B SaaS sales leaders in the office and the sales reps in the trenches can be an uphill battle. To make it simple, we went straight to the source and asked them. 

In this report, we highlight the initiatives sales teams are prioritizing, the strategies that are working, and critically – where there is room for improvement. We also focused on any gaps between sales leaders and sales reps that we found. 

Sure, we may all agree that the market is unsettled, but we’re asking the question that really matters: What are people doing about it?  

Some key findings

We don’t want to give away any spoilers because the report is best enjoyed when read in full, but here are some findings we couldn’t help but share.


Of the respondents, only 8% said that the demos they currently use needed absolutely no improvements. Meanwhile, 60% said their demos needed “some” or “a lot” of improvement.

The report found the opposite to be true as well. 59% of those who are optimistic about the company bank accounts also see no reason for significant improvement to their demos.

This points to a strong correlation between bad demos and poor company morale.

When asked what could help them hit their goals, most sales professionals disclosed that they needed better ways to show their product’s value.

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