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Save (tons of) time and resources

Do your product demo once, use it as many times as you want. Save valuable resources for your department and get more sales reps to sell.

Say goodbye to
Murphy’s Law bugs

Present your product demos in a safe environment that guarantees no downtime. Or loading issues. Or version updates. Or burning servers.

Enable your

Send a link of your interactive product demo to your champion and help them spread the word to the company’s management.

Win prospects' love with personalized product demos

Who is Walnut for?

Every member of your go-to-market team needs interactive product demos.
Even that weird dude with the mustache.

Create more engaging sales demos.

Offer your prospects better buying experiences. Tailor your demos for each lead and let them try your product at any stage of the sales process!

  • Generate stronger intent by sending your prospects personalized and interactive sales demos—even before the demo call.

  • Save time and resources on product demo creation and get your team to close more deals!

Use interactive product tours in your marketing.

Your product deserves to be shown! Integrate an interactive product tour on your site's homepage and collect data on your visitors' usage.

  • Discover how your visitors use your product walkthrough and optimize your product marketing strategy.

  • Increase conversions by allowing your visitors to experience your product in your marketing materials.

Skyrocket your customer onboarding.

Increase adoption and customer success with interactive tutorials and training materials. Offer unique training experiences to customers.

  • Create personalized tutorials for each of your customer's needs and increase adoption.

  • Understand how your customers use your product based on data and optimize your training materials accordingly.

Your presales process, but a lot simpler.

Scale demo personalization, standardization, and stability. Easily create product demo templates that reps can quickly customize for each buyer.

  • Create product stories that focus on specific use-cases or geared toward certain industries.

  • Let sales reps personalize the demos themselves and avoid solutions engineers needing to join every call.

Happy Reps, Happy Prospects

Manage Your Sales Team Through a Downturn
MAR 14, 2023  |  12 PM EST
Samantha McKenna
Anna Talerico
Devin Liu
Commercial Sales
Debra Sen
Revenue Executivera
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Walnut enables the sales team to customize demos before each meeting, which increases the bottom line conversion rate.
Snir Ben-Shimol
Executive Director at Varonis

Fully integrated with your stack

Script, share, and analyze your Walnut demos at superspeed with powerful integrations.

How does it work?

Walnut is the most advanced codeless product demo software.
Advanced doesn’t mean complicated, though. See for yourself.
Step 1.


Capture your product or software screens in a few clicks, straight from your browser. It's that easy!

Step 2.


Customize every aspect of your product demos for your prospects - without coding: logos, numbers, text, features and more.

Step 3.


Guide your prospect with annotations to make sure they make the most out of your product demo.

Step 4.


Share a link with your prospects or embed your interactive product demo in your websites, landing pages, emails, presentations and more.

Step 5.

Collect Insights

Enjoy the most advanced demo analytics to learn your prospects' behavior and optimize your conversion rate.

Scale personalization. Increase conversion. Close more deals.