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Create more than interactive product demos
Offer sales experiences that convert

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They choose Walnut Sales Experience Platform

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Impress your prospects with personalized demos

  • Customize your product demos from A-to-Z
  • No code - eliminate dependency on other teams 
  • Duplicate. Use it again. Scale your demo creation.
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Increase conversion with perfect sales experiences

  • Create tailored product demos for each use-case
  • Streamline your sales demo process
  • Maintain high consistency and quality
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Improve your results with powerful insights

  • Collect valuable data on demo usage
  • Optimize your team performance 
  • Increase sales demo conversion
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Save (tons of) time and resources

Do it once. Use it as many times as you want. Save valuable resources to your department  and get more reps to sell.

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Say bye to Murphy’s Law bugs

Present your interactive demos in an encapsulated environment that guarantees zero downtime and no loading time issues. 

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Enable your champions

Send a link of your sales demo to your champion and help them spread the word to the company’s management. 

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Dror Zaide
Dror Zaide
Co-founder & COO at Eleos
Walnut is a must for those who care about their development resources and want to let their sales force sell more and faster.
Quote sign Varonis
Snir Ben-Shemol
Snir Ben-Shemol
Executive Director at Varonis
Walnut enables the sales team to customize demos before each meeting, which increases the bottom line conversion rate.

Are you ready to revolutionize
your sales experience?

Who is it for?

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Sales teams

Save time and resources on your sales demo creation and get your team to close more deals!
Streamline your sales team’s demo creation and create high and unified standards across the department while collecting valuable insights.

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Marketing teams

Discover how your visitors use your software and optimize your product marketing strategy.
Integrate an interactive product demo in all your marketing assets: website, blog articles, emails, presentations, and more.​

How it works

Walnut Screengrab element
Capture your product screen walnut

Step 1


Capture your product or software screens in a few clicks, straight from your browser. It's that easy!

Walnut text editor function Customize your product demo walnut

Step 2


Customize every aspect of your product demos for your prospects - without coding: logos, numbers, text, features and more.

Walnut annotation tool
Add annotations walnut

Step 3


Guide your prospect with annotations to make sure they make the most out of your product demo.

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Share your demo Walnut

Step 4


Share a link with your prospects or embed your interactive demo in your websites, landing pages, emails, presentations and more.

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Collect insights walnut

Step 5

Collect insights

Learn where your prospects click and how your demos perform to optimize your conversion rate.

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Empower your team.
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Impress your prospects.
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Create unique sales experiences.
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It all starts with smarter demos.
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