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4 New Features & Updates You Walnut Want to Miss

Walnut new features

It is absolutely NUTS how fast we are growing.

As our platform continues to blossom, our developers are consistently shelling out amazing new features.

Our latest updates will plant new ideas in your mind for ways to utilize Walnut. And hopefully, they are everything they’re cracked up to be.

(Ok, ok, ok. We’re done with the Walnut puns.)

Check out our latest features and updates.

1. We souped up our Guides

walnut guides rich text screenshot


We are constantly taking notes on how you use our Guides feature so we can optimize it to better fill your needs.

In this latest round of updates, we added rich text capabilities for each annotation within your Guide, so you can customize your text formatting style, add a title, link to another destination, and more!

Plus, you can now add images, gifs, or videos to keep the content in your Guides engaging and fun.

We also added some additional options in the Company and Storyline settings, including the ability to:

  • Add an avatar
  • Show/hide the main button (the one that usually says “Next”)
  • Edit that button’s text
  • Apply more dimming options

And lastly, we fixed a bug that caused certain annotations to get cut off, and made a few changes to the sidebar that’ll make your Guide creation and management more fluid.

These new customization options will give you the ability to fine-tune the Guide experience for your prospects, enriching their experience.

2. We introduced Roles & Permissions

walnut roles and permission screenshot


Are you a part of a large organization with many users who have different roles within the team?

Well, then this is for you!

In order to mitigate any risks when collaborating with a large number of people and to reduce the stress around adding new, untrained users, we’re introducing our latest feature: Roles and Permissions. 

There are now 4 types of roles:

  1. Viewer – This user can only view Storylines and Demos
  2. Presenter – This user can edit content and create Demos
  3. Editor – This user can create new Storylines, capture screens, and create Demos
  4. Admin – This user can create Storylines, create Demos, and manage the permissions of everyone within the company

If you’re an admin, you can edit Roles & Permissions by clicking on the Company Settings tab and scrolling down to Team Management. You can select a role for each team member by clicking on the dropdown beside their name.

3. We added a Demo Floating Button

demo floating button walnut

This new feature will be a game-changer for your demos.

Making sales is all about pushing prospects along the funnel, and we get that. So to help get your excited prospect to take the next step, we have added the capability to overlay your live demo with a Demo Floating Button that can send your prospects to wherever you want them to go next: i.e. a signup form or a Calendly link.

The button will float in the corner of their screen as they interact with your product experience, quietly urging them to move ahead in the sales process.

Add your button by clicking on Company Settings and clicking the “Enable” toggle under “Demo Floating Button.” There you can edit the button’s text, link, and location.

You can also enable your Demo Floating Button in your Storyline Settings, under “Guides.”

4. We redesigned the homepage

Our latest redesign of Walnut’s homepage makes using the platform even more intuitive.

We’ve relocated the Demos section to the homepage to make them easier to build and locate. You can still click to see your full Storyline Gallery in the top right corner and then go back to seeing your demos by clicking See Demos.

You can also now filter the demos by Storyline or search for them by name from the Demo Filters section.

WHAT!? You still aren’t using Walnut? Get started now.

Create demos your prospects will love today.

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