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Walnut Deal Intel - Unveil the power of your demos at each step of your funnel | Product Hunt

Walnut deal intel

Convert demo engagement into business growth.

Improve your sales strategy by unveiling the impact of your demos at each step of the sales cycle.

Discover deals at risk, hidden stakeholders, and buyer intent to optimize each touchpoint with prospects.

The demo data you missed your whole life to master your sales funnel.

Optimize your GTM strategy

Implement interactive demos at each step of your sales cycle and easily measure their impact on your bottom line. Build best practices based on real data.

Streamline your sales process as a team

Understand how and when your demos are used by each sales rep, and ensure smooth knowledge passing through the sales process. 

Unveil the intent of buying committees

Discover who are the stakeholders that viewed your demos besides your champion. Identify high-intent opportunities based on demo engagement and revive “dead” deals.

Show the right demo at the right time

Easily track the demos each prospect viewed and liked to understand their story at a glance.

Strengthen the way you share useful content with your prospects – from the moment a prospect lands on your website until the very end of the sales cycle and customer training.

Identify risks and opportunities

Discover the opportunities with the highest engagement and identify the drop-off point for deals that went cold.

Gain key insights into your demo engagement for each deal so your team knows exactly how to increase their likelihood of winning.

Track all your deal progress in one place

Get an overview of the value of your interactive demo strategy broken down by deal.

Glean insights into what you need to sell better.

Integrate with your CRM

View your demo data in the context of your other Salesforce data (like conversion rates, types of accounts, and more) and track it across deals or stage in the buying process.

Software sales — cracked.

Perfect your demos. Break your silos. Scale your sales.

Nut convinced? Here’s what our customers think

“The biggest game-changer is how the platform has been leveraged throughout the entire sales funnel across many different touchpoints in the buyer’s journey.”

ian gritte
Ian Gritter Global Leader, Solution Engineering Strategy

Walnut enables us to easily create flexible environments where users discover and try our solutions- allowing us to streamline our onboarding process.

Alon Maimoni Director Digital Sales

With Walnut, we don’t need as many resources to convey our
value proposition.

Matt Jones Channel Sales Manager APAC

Customer onboarding usually takes us 3 months, but after implementing Walnut, the sales team was able to show the product’s value on day 1

Mark Alcarez
Mark Alcarez Senior Learning & Development Specialist

LinkedIn and our mom say we’re the #1 startup.

See what some top publications say about our product demo software. Honestly, we’re humbled.


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FAQs about Deal Intel:

What is Walnut’s Deal Intel?

Walnut’s Deal Intel allows sales teams to stay on top of all their demo engagement data in their Walnut dashboard as well as in Salesforce. Armed with this data, sales teams can identify the best opportunities in their pipeline, revive “dead” deals, accelerate deals through the pipeline, and much more.

What is the difference between Walnut and Deal Intel?

Walnut is the super cool platform that allows sales teams to create interactive demos that prospects love. Deal Insights lives within Walnut and helps sales teams track those interactive demos and use that data to strengthen their sales strategy.

How can I start using Deal Intel?

Firstly, you’ve got to be a Walnut customer. If you aren’t yet, what are you waiting for?

Then, apply for our beta and you’ll start enjoying the impact of this product on your sales strategy in no time.

What is demo engagement data?

Demo engagement data allows sales teams to track many aspects about the way their prospects engage with their demo. This includes: who viewed it, when, for how long, what areas they clicked the most, and much more.

Let’s get cracking.

Ready to skyrocket your revenue with interactive product demos?