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Boost adoption with interactive tutorials.

Help your clients succeed and optimize your customer onboarding and retention. Skyrocket your customer success team’s performance.

Make customer onboarding easier

Make customer onboarding easier

Simplify your customers’ onboarding experience through client onboarding software that allows you to share interactive tutorials that train them to use your platform.

Get more value with key insights

Get more value with key insights

Use a client onboarding software that lets you discover what features your customers are loving or neglecting to help them get the most out of your solution.

Boost customer satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction

Ensure that your customers fall in love with your entire product by guiding them through it with interactive tutorials.

‘I’d love to read this customer onboarding article!’ said no one ever.

Create interactive guided tutorials

Customize your training materials and interactive tutorials for each customer in minutes—without needing to code.

Add annotations to let customers master their product onboarding on their own.

Create interactive guided tutorials

Unveil customers’ pain points

Increase customer retention by discovering where your users click and what features they enjoy most.

Optimize your SaaS customer onboarding materials based on insights.

Unveil customers’ pain points

Work smoothly as a team

Collaborate with your customers to create the perfect SaaS customer onboarding tools for their own teams and increase product adoption.

Create interactive product tutorial templates for each onboarding use case and scale your training materials.

Work smoothly as a team


See what our customers think about us

Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our customers say about us.

Customer onboarding usually takes us 3 months, but after implementing Walnut, the sales team was able to show the product’s value on day 1

Mark Alcarez
Mark Alcarez Senior Learning & Development Specialist

With Walnut, we don’t need as many resources to convey our
value proposition.

Matt Jones Channel Sales Manager APAC

Walnut enables us to easily create flexible environments where users discover and try our solutions- allowing us to streamline our onboarding process.

Alon Maimoni Director Digital Sales

Fully integrated with your stack

Script, share, and analyze your Walnut demos at superspeed with powerful integrations.

Walnut integration with Gmail
Walnut integration with HubSpot
Walnut integration with Salesforce
Walnut integration with OpenAI
Walnut integration with HighSpot
Walnut integration with Slack

Did you have
other questions?

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.

What is a customer onboarding platform?

A customer onboarding platform is a tool for SaaS companies to help their customers become acquainted with their products. The goal of the platform is to optimize the onboarding process, thereby increasing customer retention and diminishing churn.

What is the process for customer onboarding?

After the customer registers, SaaS companies will often provide users with an interactive tutorial so that they can understand the product flow and learn how to use it.

How do you onboard a new customer?

When onboarding a new user, you should send them a welcome email, then offer them tools they can use to learn how your product works. A great way to do this is by using a customer onboarding platform.

Who is responsible for customer onboarding?

The responsibility of onboarding new customers usually falls on the Customer Success team.

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