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WALNUT for ENTErPRISE companies

Scale your sales process with demos you trust.

Join leading software companies using Walnut to leverage their product throughout their sales funnel. Your prospects will love the personalized demos, consistent messaging, and simplified sales process.

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Walnut for enterprise companies overview 

Demo with trust

Sleep well knowing that we are constantly working to provide privacy, security, data protection, and global compliance standards that meet the evolving industry requirements.

Focus on telling the perfect product story and leave the rest up to us.

Integrate with ease

Unify data across your stack. Make it easy for you and your team to have everything streamlined in one place. Add your everyday tools with a click, and leverage Walnut’s unique data.

Adapt with confidence

Easily deploy Walnut across your team with zero ramp time needed. Expand to new audiences and markets with demos that fit each customer’s demand.

Scale your teamwork

Reduce demoing costs and increase your sales output. Transform the way you track your demos to better understand and respond to your buyers’ needs as a team.

It’s your turn

Start creating and delivering interactive demos that’ll close deals.

Perfect your demos & break your silos

Speed up your sales

Enable your team to scale their output and sell faster with a robust demo library and ready-to-use templates they can customize and share in minutes. 

Provide a consistent narrative 

Reduce silos between your revenue teams. Streamline your sales by offering a holistic and consistent buying experience for your buyers.

Maximize your reps’ efficiency

Allow your team to provide rich, personalized demo experiences at any touchpoint with the customer. Reduce ramp-up time and improve the way they understand buyers’ intent.

Demo with trust

Walnut offers a world-leading security and compliance standard that ensures the data of your organization and customers are always protected.

  • Full data control
  • Secure authorizations
  • Bug-free environment

Full data control

We’re SOC 2 certified, which means you can share your demos with the peace of mind that your customers’ data is safe.

Secure authorizations

Deploy SSO and Okta to give your team a user-friendly and secure way to log into Walnut that follows your organization’s policies.

Bug-free environment

Show your demos in a safe space that guarantees zero downtimes, loading time issues, and other bugs.

Software sales — cracked.

Perfect your demos. Break your silos. Scale your sales.

Integrate  with ease

Work faster by integrating all your demos with your tech stack in a snap. Help your team stay on top of their opportunities by tracking all your information in one place.

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This is what our customers think about us

Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our customers say about us.

Walnut enables us to easily create flexible environments where users discover and try our solutions- allowing us to streamline our onboarding process.

Alon Maimoni Director Digital Sales

With Walnut, we don’t need as many resources to convey our
value proposition.

Matt Jones Channel Sales Manager APAC

Walnut enables the sales team to customize demos before each meeting, which increases the bottom-line conversion rate.

Snir Ben-Shemol Executive Director at Varonis

Adapt  with confidence

  • Control usage
  • Streamline teamwork
  • Receive tailored service

Set access controls

Customize user permissions and set user groups based on your team’s roles. Make sure everyone has access to what they really need.

Enforce company settings

Ensure all the content your team shares and distributes fits your brand’s guidelines.

Manage your users

Automate user and group SCIM provisioning in your own environment using the best identity management providers.

Build a templates library

Build a templates library
Store, organize, and share your Walnut demos in your demo library. Keep your team organized and on the same page using tags, folders, and more.

Connect to your critical systems

Automate reporting and demo tracking with Gmail, Slack, and your CRM to help your team expand the value of Walnut.

Support collaboration

Bring both internal and external teams on the same page with multi-editing capabilities and on-demo commenting.

Strategize with experts

Discuss how to best implement Walnut in your business with our team of experts. We are here to help you get up and running so you can continue to grow.

Receive ongoing consultations

Utilize ongoing business and consulting sessions and white gloves service to ensure your team is constantly enjoying everything we have to offer.

Get reliable support

Access best-in-class support services and professional services options for successful adoption.<br />

Loved by enterprises

Scale  your team work

  • Boost productivity
  • Optimize your sales
  • Break silos

Save time with ready-to-go sales demos

Eliminate reliance on R&D by codelessly creating demo templates and easily updating them for multiple people and teams at once.

Enrich your sales with product insights

Track demos to better understand your buyers. Discover how your team is performing and optimize their workflow.

Encourage teamwork with robust analytics

Improve hand-offs between the biz dev, sales, and CS teams, by tracking all your activities with prospects in your CRM. This will ensure an efficient sales process.

Why do enterprise leaders choose Walnut?

Supports large, complex organizations and product lines

Use Walnut to meet your team where they’re at. Create a demo workspace library for teams, product lines, buyer segments or industries. Set the right permissions to help your team access what they need when they need it.

Adds an additional task force for your team

Our team of experts will work with your team hand-in-hand to help you strategize and execute Walnut demos throughout the buyer’s entire journey. This will ensure an effective deployment and adoption in your organization.

Connects product insights to your business initiatives

Keep your business initiatives on track with Walnut’s CRM integrations. Test your sales strategy by connecting the dots between customer intent and demo usage.

Don’t just take it from us.

Learn how other enterprise companies use Walnut to transform the way their revenue teams sell their product.

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