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Features and Updates To Sell Like the MVP You Are

Walnut new features

Step aside, Tom Brady.

As we enter September, it can only mean one thing: the NFL season is starti—

…We mean, Walnut has a bunch of new and exciting updates!

If you want your teammates to know who is the real MVP, check out these latest features that’ll improve your sales process and earn the respect of your peers.

Gain more control over who views your demo

In a world that feels entirely out of our control, it’s nice to be able to stay on top of what we can. That’s why our latest feature is sure to give you lots of peace of mind.

Now, when you use our interactive product demo software to share your interactive product demo, you will be able to apply various settings that will affect the access that your recipient will be granted.

Here’s what it looks like.

And here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

Demo Expiration

Toggle this on to include a date when this demo will no longer be able to be viewed. This can be helpful to add a level of urgency to the sales process.

Access Code

Generate a code that viewers will need to input in order to see the demo.

This can help secure your demo and make sure only those who are deemed worthy can view it.

Access Dropdown

Use this drawdown to determine who can access the demo. You can choose to let anyone with the link access it or limit it and make it private.

Easily track users’ activity in your demo in a log

Always wanted to know who’s checking you out when you’re not in the room?

Well now you can. Gain visibility of which users interact with your demos to see the different stakeholders involved in this buying decision.

This is crucial if you want to make sure to continue the conversation with all the relevant parties and provide them with exactly the information they need, when they need it.

With our latest update, sales pros can explore and analyze the prospect activity and engagement on a demo in an extremely accessible activity log.

You can find this activity log under a specific demo’s Insights page. There you’ll be able to view who entered the demo, when they entered, what was the session length, and which guides they interacted with.

Create demos your prospects will love today.

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