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Tracking Interactive Demo Data to Better Understand Buyers

Tracking Interactive Demo Data to Better Understand Buyers

You’ve integrated your interactive product demos throughout the entire sales funnel

Nice work, friend!

But how are you supposed to know if your demos are addressing your prospects’ needs? Or if they are improving your bottom line? 

Well, you can. That is, if you track your interactive demo data.

Doing so is the key to getting to the heart of what modern SaaS buyers need and want. 

With this in mind, join us as we break down how tracking interactive product demo data can help you improve your sales efficiency and overall SaaS sales strategy.  

Understanding the impact of your interactive demos on your success

To succeed in today’s market, sales leaders need to understand how interactive demos are impacting their deals’ success. 

And interactive demo data can be used to improve the overall sales experience, and of course, your closed won rate. 

Having this kind of information allows sales teams to get a sense of the big picture when it comes to the success of their sales strategy and also dive deeper to understand specific buyer’s needs. 

By collecting data on interactive demo performance and engagement, sales teams can take their sales strategies one step further. 

What you can learn from tracking interactive demo data

We’re just gonna put it straight and simple. 

If you want to understand your buyers’ needs, interests, and pains, it’s not enough to just use interactive demos. You’ll need to track how buyers interacted with them and if they contributed to the success of your deal. 

Let’s go over everything you can learn from tracking your interactive demo data. 

Gauge engagement levels

Which part of your demo was the most engaging for your prospect?

Well, this is important information to have. 

This will help you determine which of your product’s features caught buyers’ eyes and which were less relevant. 

Having this knowledge will allow you to better understand your buyers’ pain points and what they really need.  

Not to mention, the insights you gain from evaluating your demo engagement levels can be used to find any potential red flags for the prospect, and in turn, help you improve the overall sales experience. 

Enhance lead qualification 

One of the advantages of tracking interactive demo data is that it can help you improve your lead qualification

If you are using an interactive product demo platform, you’ll be able to send an interactive demo in your outreach or embed it on your website. You can then track how prospects interacted with your demo. 

With certain demo platforms (like Walnut), you’ll be able to see which parts of the demo prospects spent the most time on and which parts were less interesting for them. 

These insights can be used as you qualify your leads as well as during future conversations you have with the prospect. 

Determine sales strategy implementation

By tracking interactive demo data, you’ll be able to better understand sales strategy implementation across your team by seeing which teammates are using interactive demos and how they are using them. 

This gives your team a consolidated way to track, understand, and improve each deal. 

With this information in hand, everyone will be up-to-date on the progress of each individual deal and have a sense of how successful the overall strategy is. 

Learn more about your buyer personas

When you track your interactive demos, you’ll be able to see how different buyers used each part of your product.

This will help you better understand which features are more relevant for certain buyer personas or industries. 

In addition, having this data also helps you determine at which point in the sales funnel prospects will want to see demos for different features. 

Optimize interactive demo performance

As Hannah Montana said, “Nobody’s perfect.” 

And this goes for interactive demos too. 

There’s always room for improvement and growth when it comes to your demos. 

And by tracking how your demos performed, you’re able to see what went well in each sales demonstration and what still needs some fine-tuning. 

When your sales team is armed with this knowledge, they can make sure they continue to optimize demo performance and know how to make improvements to demos going forward. 

Using Walnut to track interactive demo data

It’s not enough anymore to just create kick-ass interactive demos. 

You also have to monitor your demos and make adjustments to them based on what you learn. 

And tracking interactive demo data will give you the insights you need to  to continuously make improvements and optimize your demos going forward. 

If you use a demo platform like Walnut, it’s easy to track demo engagement and performance data, all in one place. 

Still not using Walnut? What are you waiting for? Get started by pushing the “Get Started” button.

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