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Call Home ‘Cause Our New Features Will Be Keeping You Out Late

New Suite of Features

Demoing is an art.

And thanks to our team of product developers (who are a bunch of freakin’ geniuses, by the way), your sales team is about to become a crew of Picassos.

With a slew of new updates that’ll make you giddy with delight, we are revolutionizing product demos in ways that have never before been imagined. We keep pushing that envelope to make sure demoing your product can be done throughout the buying process and can elevate your whole sales experience.

So, my friend, put on your beret and pull out that easel because you’re about to evoke feelings in your prospects that they’ve never felt before.

The Demo Library

New look, who dis?

When you enter your Walnut account, you’ll be introduced to a brand new look and feel. That’s because our homepage and Demo Library has been revamped to make things even easier for you and your team.

We wanted to make it quicker for you all to find the Demo or Storyline you need. For that reason, we created a new view, that shows you your company’s most recently created work and the Storylines and Demos that you favorited.

We also made it easier to scroll through your Demos and Storylines by dividing them into two different pages. 


We also added the ability to tag your demos, so you can track them based on the specific use-case, rep, feature, or whatever else you want.

Once your demos have tags, you can easily filter out your search to quickly find the relevant demo. 

Demo Customization Wizard preview

So imagine this: Your brilliant Sales Engineer created a beautiful sales demo template that includes a few Variables that can be customized for each prospect. 

Now your sales rep is looking to send it to your prospect. When they go to publish it and customize the Variables, they will now experience EVEN MORE MAGIC.

Our new Demo Customization Wizard preview gives your reps the context they need to see the specifics of what they are updating. The preview will show all of the Variable’s uses throughout your Storyline so you can know exactly what your customizations will look like. This will give them more confidence and reduce the chances of mistakes.

Are you really telling me you aren’t yet using Walnut?! Book a meeting with our team now by clicking the big purple “Get Started” button at the top of the screen.

Create demos your prospects will love today.

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