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Don't sell products. Offer experiences.
Boost Your Sales Experience

The sales experience concept

B2B sales is no longer about product attributes or the talent of the sales team: It's about the experience of the prospects.

Prospects are looking for a valuable, human, quick, personalized, consistent, transparent, and predictive sales process that addresses their pains.

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Prospects want sales processes that focus on value and solve their pains - not promoting features.


Prospects seek meaningful relationships with sales teams that do not treat them as clients, but as humans.


Time is money: Prospects don’t have the patience for endless email threads and dozens of back-and-forths.


Personalization isn’t a buzz-word. It’s a must. Prospects must understand that the product they're considering to buy fits their exact needs.


From the moment a prospect lands on a website, to the very end of the sales process, they want a consistent experience.


Each step, action item, and outcome of the sales process should anticipate the prospects' expectations.


Transparency leads to trust. Prospects should see the product, understand the pricing, and receive all the info they seek as early as possible.

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Your sales experience on steroids.

step 1


  • Send a link to an interactive demo in their outreach emails and other messaging tools to the prospects.
  • Get to try the product directly in the sales emails or other outreach materials.
  • Know exactly what to expect during the sales process.
step 2


  • Customize their interactive demos for the prospects. They can play the demos live during the call.
  • Enjoy tailor-made interactive demos created specifically for them that focus on value.
step 3

Sharing collateral

  • Share a link to their guided demos with the prospects or champions.
  • Share the demos internally and demonstrate the product value easily to their organization.
step 4

Objection handling

  • Analyze demo insights to learn where the prospects clicked and which features are the most important to them - ahead of the discussion.
  • Feel the sales team understands their needs and can see the solutions to their problems.
  • Are more receptive towards next steps.
step 5


step 6

Post sale

  • Collaborate with the prospects easily to make sure their teams understand the product, and optimize their flow based on insights.
  • Can showcase the relevant features to their teams and observe how they use the demos in order to optimize them internally.
Don't sell products. Offer experiences.
Boost Your Sales Experience

The pains of sales experience.

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Sales teams

Frustrated about the time they spend on technical tasks and want to focus on meaningful interactions that bring value.

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Fed up with long, repetitive, and unpredictable sales processes. They don't want to buy features; they want to solve issues.

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Sales managers

Lack critical demo insights to understand how to create personalized, high-quality and consistent sales flows that optimize conversion.

Why did we create the first
Sales Experience Platform?

Since day one, Walnut’s vision has been to improve B2B sales experiences by reinventing the full demo journey.

That’s why we created and pioneered our Sales Experience Platform, which supports the world's leading companies in their sales process, significantly improving their team's and prospects' experience.

Sales teams
  • Save time and resources
  • Create better demos
  • Feel productive
  • Enjoy tailor-made demos
  • See the product's value in early stages
  • Get transparent and predictive sales experiences
sales operations
  • Create demo templates for each use-case and vertical
  • Optimize the demo process
  • Increase team's productivity
sales management
  • Optimize their demos based on real user insights
  • Ensure high quality and consistent sales processes
  • Close more deals in less time
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Empower your team.
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Impress your prospects.
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Create unique sales experiences.
unique sales experiences.
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It all starts with smarter demos.