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New Features, Who Dis?

Walnut new features

We look in the mirror and we hardly recognize ourselves anymore. Or maybe we feel more like ourselves than we’ve ever felt before.

That’s because all that hard work we’ve been putting in and all those long hours are paying off and we’re ready to celebrate that.

The month of July was another team win as our group of scrappy geniuses added even more amazing features to speed up the way you can create personalized and interactive product demos.

Think we’re being overly dramatic and self-congratulatory? Impossible.

See for yourself how our mass-editing capabilities will make your demo life much easier.

Bulk apply edits to your Smart Objects

Your Smart Objects just got even smarter.

From now on, you can just say no to making repetitive edits and a resounding yes to even quicker, ready-to-share personalized demos.

When making any changes to your Smart Objects, you can choose to apply your edits to all your screens. This way, you can work on one screen and stay calm knowing that whatever you are doing here will be replicated throughout your demo.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Select an element and create a new Smart Object

2. Input its name and click “Create Smart Object”

3. Click “Apply to more screens” 

(Note that the Smart Object will override any previous changes to similar elements that exist on other screens.)

4. The process will run in the background and takes a few seconds

Amazing, we know. But that’s not everything.

Now you can also easily locate and track your Smart Object edits by using the side panel in your Demo Library.

Want to learn more? Read the in-depth article about this feature here.

Find & replace everything in one swoop

Let’s just pause quickly to enjoy the word “swoop”. It’s just a delightfully sounding word, isn’t it?


Ok, back to our main point: Our developers are hard at work creating the ability for you demo doyens to quickly find whatever you are looking for and make changes at once.

For example, if you want to change all instances across your Storyline where your demo says “Features” and swap it with “Value”, you can do it as easily as 1, 2, 3.

No more looking for the elements you want to replace on every single screen. From now on, you can replace all elements in your Storyline in just one click!

This update will be released within the next week.

Our editing tools are even easier to access

Bigger and better is always bigger and better. I think it was Socrates who said that.

He probably was referring to our updated editing bar when he preached it, too.

Because now, when you’re selecting an element to edit in your demo, you’ll have even more tools available at your fingertips. Easily choose to:

  • Update the content
  • Attach a Guide
  • Create a Smart Object
  • Include a Variable
  • …and more.

We do it because we love you. You, personally.

WHATTT?? You aren’t using Walnut yet? Book a meeting with our team now by clicking the “Get Started” button at the top of the screen.

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