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Walnut software demos

Create interactive demos like magic!

Build and deliver software demos your buyers will love. Optimize your sales cycle with never-before-tracked demo insights.

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Walnut’s demo software overview

Create at scale

Capture your product in seconds and customize every aspect of it the exact way you want — update images, texts, graphs, apply bulk changes, anonymize data, the possibilities are endless.

Deliver faster

Easily share customized software demos with prospects at any stage of the sales process. Show them exactly what they want to see when they want to see it.

Integrate in a snap

Work faster by integrating all your demos with your tech stack. Stay on top of your opportunities by tracking all your information in one place.

Analyze & optimize

Make sure your team has the perfect structure to nail their sales. Organize all your demos in one library, control demo access, collect buyer insights, and track your performance.

It’s your turn

Create and deliver software demos that close deals!

Fastest time from need to live demo delivery.

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100% creative freedom

Tell your product story the way you want to with no dependency on R&D. Blow your prospects’ minds with product demos tailored to their needs and brand.

100% aligned process

Ensure your team is fully aligned and deliver demos in a standardized and scalable way. Manage permissions, sharing access, demo folders, and much more.

ZERO bugs or downtime

Present your product demos in a safe environment that guarantees no downtime. Or loading issues. Or version updates. Or burning servers.

Every minute, a new Walnut is played

Create better demos with less work.

  • Capture your product
  • Edit everything
  • Make it live
  • Guide your prospects

Capture instantly

capture demos walnut
Capture your product straight from your web browser—in just one click.

Capture anything

capture any platform walnut
Does your product integrate with another software? Capture both platforms and show how they work together. The web is the limit.

Capture responsively

create responsive walnut demos
Make your demo perfectly responsive for all screens and offer the perfect experience to prospects.

Edit without coding

edit walnut demos
Enjoy the freedom of creating fully customized demos—without coding: From text, colors, and images to charts, graphs, and custom code.

Scale your editing

sale editing walnut
Bulk apply changes, replace text elements, and reuse screens across demos. Save hours of manual work.

Build demo templates

personalize walnut demos
Create one demo to rule them all. Build a perfect flow for each use case and vertical that your team can duplicate, personalize, and reuse.

Publish instantly

Publish, share, or present your demo in a click and show your product in its full glory.

Build any flow you want

build demo flows walnut
Showcase only the most relevant features and get to the point faster. Make your demo focused on your prospect's needs.

Link automagically

Get a ready-to-use demo in minutes, by auto-linking your screens exactly as you interact with them.

Personalize your guides

guide walnut demo
Add fully customized guides to your software demos and direct prospects through your product seamlessly.

Add multiple guides

multiple demo flow walnut
Offer prospects multiple guides that will walk them through different features and paths.

Software sales — cracked.

Scale personalization. Increase conversion. Close more deals.

Deliver demos that convert.

  • Demo your way
  • Scale personalization
  • Manage in a breeze
  • Increase lead gen

Share guided demos

share personalized walnut demos
Share a link to a guided demo or product tour with your prospects via email to boost their engagement.

Embed product tours

embed walnut demos
Use your demos in all your online materials (website, landing pages, and more) and let everyone try it whenever they want.

Present live demos

present live walnut demos
Present personalized live demos to your prospects and offer them maximum value.

Personalize in seconds

walnut demo wizard
Create demo templates for your team that they can personalize for each prospect in a few clicks.

Let AI work for you

walnut openai integration
Use OpenAI to quickly enrich your demo’s content and help with any questions.

Collaborate in real time

collaborate editing walnut
Collaborate on your demos with your team or prospects in real time and say goodbye to ineffective communication.

Share with ease

share walnut demos
Work together with your team or your prospect and grant them specific access: Viewer, Editor, and more.

Communicate effectively

communicate on demos walnut
Gather your prospects’ comments directly on your demos. Respond quickly to specific concerns.

Control access

company settings walnut
Set an expiration date, access code, and permissions to make sure your demos get to the right people.

Integrate your forms

collect leads walnut
Add a form or embed forms from Hubspot or Marketo to any stage of the demo to gather new leads.

Get instant alerts

share walnut demos
Get email or Slack notifications when your demo is viewed so you can react at the exact moment your prospects need.

Connect to your CRM

walnut salesforce integration
Never miss your prospects' activity and collect it all in your CRM.

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Integrate with your stack

Keep all your data organized in your CRM, enjoy the power of AI, get instant notifications about demo views, and enjoy more integrations that’ll help you win deals.

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Hubspot Integration Walnut
Salesforce Integration Walnut
OpenAI Integration Walnut
Highspot Integration Walnut
Slack Integration Walnut

Analyze & optimize your demos

  • Collect insights
  • Streamline work
  • Make it secure

Demo analytics

walnut demo analytics
Gain visibility into your demo performance and collect actionable insights on your prospects’ usage. You can also send this data to your favorite tools using Webhooks.<br />

Team analytics

walnut team analytics
Optimize your team's strategy based on their demos' data and performance.

Buyer behavior

walnut buyer behavior
Track your buyers’ every move. Ok, not literally, but you can now utilize a visual flow chart of how they move through your demo.

Demo library

walnut demo library
Store, organize, and easily share your Walnut demos from the library. Keep your team on the same page using tags, folders, and more.

Demo scoring

recent demos walnut
Get a score for each of your demos based on engagement. Know which demos are succeeding, and which ones need improvements.

Company settings

walnut company settings
Ensure all your demos are perfectly standardized by managing your company's settings.

Enterprise-grade security

soc 2 walnut
We're SOC 2 certified, which means you can share your demos with the peace of mind that your customers' data is safe.

Okta sign-in

okta walnut
Use a user-friendly and secured authentication method when logging into Walnut that follows your organization's sign-in policies.

Encapsulated environment

secure edits walnut
Show your demos in a safe space that guarantees zero downtimes, loading time issues, and other bugs.

Users love us

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what they are saying on G2.

Christian J
Christian J. Account Director Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

If you need deal velocity in solution sales, you need this!

Harsh V. Business Analyst
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Amazing tool that can be used to create a live presentation on the go!

Tom O. Growth Marketing Manager
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Great solution to offer customer-centric product demos

Yoav S. GM
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Walnut is a game changer for GTM teams

Sara D. Senior content specialist
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Easy to use and highly functioning tool!

Maya C. Head of Product Marketing
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Our sales team is delighted: Intuitive and scalable platform

Introducing Walnut 3.0

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