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Walnut Welcomes Catie Ivey, Former Pendo Executive, As New CRO

Walnut Welcomes Catie Ivey, Former Pendo Executive, As New CRO

We are super excited to announce that Catie Ivey will be joining the Walnut team as our new Chief Revenue Officer.

Besides being a certified awesome revenue leader (ok, we may have made this certification up), Catie brings with her a ton of valuable experience from leading Enterprise Sales at, and heading revenue teams at Demandbase, Marketo, SalesForce, and Meltwater.

The team here is elated and cannot wait for her to join our fight to rid the world of the horrible SaaS buying experience disease.

“We are excited to add Catie – and the invaluable experience she brings with her – to our executive team,” says our CEO Yoav Vilner. “As a result of the growing demand for our product and interactive product demos as a thriving category, we felt it was time for a strong leader such as Catie to scale our growth even further and help us stay on top of the new category we created in tech.”

And, as luck would have it, Catie feels the same way.

“As both a leader and a buyer, Walnut’s mission resonated with me from the moment we were introduced,” she said. “As someone that has led sales teams for almost the entirety of my career, I have so often felt the pain of generic, resource-intensive product demos.”

But her passion for joining Walnut doesn’t stop there.

“As someone that has also evaluated and bought a lot of software, I have personally experienced how horrendous that process can be,” she said. “Walnut is making a massive impact for both sales teams as well as the buyers that they serve, and I am excited to join their world-class team as we take the revenue org to the next level.”

World-class team? We’ll take it, Catie! 

We’re so happy you’re here!

Read more about our new hire >

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