You know what we think? You’re just not spending enough time on social media.

But guess what? Now that you’re saving so much time and energy by using Walnut to build your personalized interactive sales demos, you can set aside more time to exercise, eat spinach, and read educational and inspiring posts on LinkedIn.

We have just the list of influencers to keep your LinkedIn feed engaging and for you to even learn a thing or two about sales.

Here are our favorite sales influencers to follow on LinkedIn:

1. Trish Bertuzzi

Founder and CEO of The Bridge Group Inc.

Why follow Trish? The author of "The Sales Development Playbook," Trish constantly dishes quality content and interviews on her LinkedIn. Which is likely why she was voted in as a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice in 2018 and 2019.

2. Belal Batrawy

Head of GTM & Customer Evangelism at GTM Buddy

Why follow Belal? If you’re interested in sales, startups, and SaaS, Belal will not disappoint. From SDRs to startup founders, nobody will leave his page without adding to their sales knowledge.

3. Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Sales Development Leader at Airtable

Why follow Gabrielle? As the co-founder of the Women in Sales Club, Gabrielle is all about helping others excel at sales. Plus, she is active on TikTok and shares her hilarious videos on LinkedIn.

4. Ronen R. Pessar

Chief Growth Officer at Stylo

Why follow Ronen? Because besides for the witty, interesting, and useful content he posts consistently, he also puts his money where his mouth is (so to speak) and has encouraged SDRs to reach out to him on his personal phone to practice their pitch.

5. Josh Braun

Founder of Josh Braun Sales Training

Why follow Josh? Josh has what to say when it comes to selling. And if you get stuck figuring out what to say, well he has what to say about that too. Once you get hooked on his wisdom on LinkedIn, you can also tune into his Inside Selling Podcast.

6. Nick Cegelski

Senior Account Executive at Time by Ping

Why follow Nick? He prides himself on simple, practical sales advice—and he offers it. Gain useful sales skills from his LinkedIn or check out the podcast he hosts, called 30 Minutes to President's Club.

7. Rosie Purr

Account Executive at GiddyUp

Why follow Rosie? Rosie’s rich content includes informative posts, short videos and sales events. She was also named as one of the Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Stars in 2020. And, if all that wasn’t enough, she was also spotted dropping some of her wisdom on our very own Nuts About Sales.

8. Nancy Nardin

Founder of Smart Selling Tools Inc. 

Why follow Nancy? Helping salespeople is what Nancy lives and breathes and why she founded Smart Selling Tools. She also posts weekly about her Recommended Sales Technology.

9. Collin Cadmus

Sales Consultant, Advisor and Podcaster

Why follow Collin? His years of sales experience are evident in each post, giving him the authority to consistently provide nuggets of sales wisdom that’ll keep you focused on what truly matters in the art of selling.

10. John Barrows

CEO of JBarrows Sales Training

Why follow John? Training and advising sales teams is what John does day and night. He produces loads of content that is worth watching, reading, and learning from. 

11. Lori Richardson

Sales Coach, Speaker, Author, and Podcaster

Why follow Lori? With decades of experience in sales, Lori’s primary focus is to help companies with sales transformation through data and best practices. She founded Women Sales Pros and is active in raising up women in sales and sales leadership.

12. Kevin "KD" Dorsey

VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop Inc.

Why follow Kevin? His posts consistently get hundreds of reactions and comments. Not only are they packed with useful content, but the conversations they ignite in the comments section are also valuable.

13. Scott Leese

Sales Leader, Founder and Author

Why follow Scott? His LinkedIn bio says it all: 6x Sales Leader - 3x Founder - 3x Author - Sales Consultant - Strategic Advisor. What else can someone possibly do to get you to follow them?

14. Amy Volas

Founder and CEO of Avenue Talent Partners

Why follow Amy? Her focus is helping SaaS startups recruit sales leaders, develop them, and help them to thrive. She was also included as a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice in 2020.

15. Morgan J Ingram

Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales Training

Why follow Morgan? Named as a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice in 2018, 2019, and 2020, Morgan’s inspiring charisma leaps out from each post.

16. Jason Bay

Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting

Why follow Jason? Jason created Outbound Squad to supply reps with coaching, a community, and a sales structure. His LinkedIn page provides snippets from his podcast, wise sales posts, and articles.

17. Lianne Saxton

Sales & Success Manager

Why follow Lianne? Lianne’s LinkedIn content focuses on helping sales reps use social to actually sell. So, if you want to use LinkedIn for selling as well, follow Lianne to up your own LinkedIn game.

18. Adir Ben-Yehuda

VP of Sales and Founding Member at Walnut

Why follow Adir? As a founding member of a platform that is revolutionizing interactive product demos, Adir offers plenty of useful PLG sales advice. His no-nonsense approach to sales is refreshing and his tips are practical and immediately impactful.

Following these LinkedIn influencers is sure to spice up your newsfeed, keep you up to date with the latest sales trends, and make sure you’re all caught up with the punchiest sales posts.

But even if we’re not an influencer, we also think you should give our LinkedIn page a follow for quality sales memes, interesting articles, and fascinating interviews with industry-leading sales personalities.

Want to improve your prospects’ sales experiences? Get started with Walnut today.

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