As you prepare your business for 2022, it’s time to take stock of your sales software stack and ensure it is stocked with all the stack you need.

Wow, that was a mouthful. 

But what does this actually mean, how do you do it, and what software should you be adding to your stack? 

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

What is a sales stack?

Your company’s “sales stack” is the software and technology your sales team uses and needs to excel at its job. 

The goal of your sales team is to close as many quality deals as possible with the least amount of resources—including time and energy. So with the right sales technology stack in place, sales teams can more easily connect with prospects, optimize their communication, and seamlessly move prospects through the sales pipeline. 

For this reason, it’s a worthy investment to stack your sales team with all the specific tools that’ll help them work more efficiently. 

But what solutions do you need, which programs offer the best services, and which ones are right for your business? We’ll explain everything below.

4 questions to ask yourself before building your sales tech stack:

Before we get to discussing the exact software you should be considering, let’s take a moment to take stock of your organization’s needs. 

1. What are you currently using?

Stay on top of all the software you are currently using and paying for. Which of them are useful and which aren’t? Which do your sales team use and prefer and which do they not? Are you paying for multiple programs that offer the same services?

Just because certain software is really cool and offers many features, doesn’t mean your sales team likes using it, nor does it mean it’s the best tool for your specific business. 

This is a good opportunity to cut the fat and remove some of the software services that are no longer useful to your business. This can help open space for more updated and powerful tools. 

2. What are your needs / pain points?

Analyze your workflow and your sales pipeline. Where are your prospects getting stuck? Where are the miscommunications happening among your team members? Are there currently any blockages or hold-ups that can be solved with a software solution?

All sales software was created to solve specific pain points within the selling process, so if you find your team struggling in a specific area, there is a good chance that software has been created to help.

3. What tools can be integrated?

Based on the current software you are using, consider which new software can be easily integrated. 

Is your current software holding you back from integrating with really useful new products? What can be easily implemented that’ll add immediate and important value to your business? Are there any extensions that can easily be added to your browser that’ll give you valuable insights?

4. What tools will help your business enter the next level?

Don’t just think about your business’s current needs. As you look ahead to the new year, consider where you want to be and how you’ll get there. 

Ask yourself: Can certain services accelerate our growth? Is our current software relevant to the size of the company we plan to be? Should we be paying for a more advanced version of the software services we have?

Solutions and software you need on your sales tech stack

It’s hard to categorize all the best sales software into neat sections because so many offer vast options and services. Nonetheless, we tried to organize them based on the way we suggest you use them.


Your customer relationship management software will help you manage your sales, marketing, and services. Most CRMs will allow you to track all your sales communication, speed up your sales process, and assist with lead nurturing. 

The software you need:

hubspot logo


If you’re using Hubspot to manage your marketing campaigns, its CRM is a great way to follow your leads and customers all the way through the funnel. It offers many key sales and marketing tools, its intuitive dashboard is easy to use, and its capabilities are vast.

salesforce logo


Salesforce’s CRM platform is a great option for your more advanced business. With more customizability than Hubspot and better pricing on more complex features, this platform is for large enterprises with a more robust sales team.


It’s time to kill those old-school, disaster-prone demos. Put your prospects’ needs at the center of the sales process and let them experience your SaaS product from the outset so they can get to know how you can solve their pain points. Empower your SDRs (sales development representatives) with presales tools to provide demos themselves, minimize the needs for developers, and free up space for SEs (sales engineers) to sit on only the calls that are relevant to them.

The software you need:

walnut logo


Walnut allows your sales team to create easy-to-customize, crash-proof, reusable, and interactive product demos. By using the codeless platform, your sales team can personalize their demos at scale to offer each prospect a unique experience. 

You can also send a link to a personalized demo in your emails so prospects can experience your product at any stage of the sales process—without them needing to register for a free trial. Plus, you can also collect insights on your prospects’ usage so you can understand the exact value of your product for them. 

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to use this platform, your marketing team will love it too because they can use it to embed a guided interactive product tour on your website.


In the world of sales, time is money. The less time your SDRs and AEs (account executives) are occupied performing secondary tasks, like lead and company research, the more time they have available to reach out or send demo follow-up emails to prospects and close sales. For this reason, it’s crucial to have some data available to help speed your process along. 

The software you need:

linked logo

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Both SDRs and AEs can utilize the data on this paid LinkedIn service. Use this software to find companies and leads to target, optimize your outreach, and engage directly with prospects.

zoominfo logo


Zoominfo is an extremely useful tool for your SDRs to more efficiently capture information about companies, leads, and the organization you’re selling to. The FormComplete tool allows your business to minimize forms while maintaining the amount of data you acquire.

Sales enablement

Give your sales reps the opportunity to perfect their craft with software that offers key insights on how you can use the tools you’re using better to close more deals and earn more revenue. 

The software you need:

Audio services

gong logo


Your whole sales team will benefit from this unique software that records, transcribes, and analyzes your sales calls and provides you with tips so you can drive sales effectiveness. 

otter logo


If you don’t want to pay for Gong, you can use to record your sales calls and then review them as a team or individually to analyze how you can improve your sales chops.

Email optimization

salesloft logo


SalesLoft helps SDRs and BDRs (business development representatives) to automate their outreach, manage their emails and calls in one platform, and track their progress. It also can provide insights and tips for optimizing engagement.

yesware logo


YesWare can be added to your Gmail account to track, schedule, and write better emails.

lavender logo


Lavender is another tool that can help you write better sales emails by comparing your email against millions of others and suggesting new sentences and phrasing.

vidyard logo


But why only send text emails when you can also send videos that are more engaging, plus allow you to understand prospects’ interests by tracking how much of the video they watched?


Make sure your team can easily communicate with each other and set up calls with prospects using software that is common and easy to use. 

The software you need:

zoom logo


In this day and age, who isn’t using Zoom? Zoom is the easiest and most popular software to set up a virtual meeting. 

slack logo


Slack’s messaging platform has become the industry standard for communicating within your team. 


Organize your schedule with software that makes it easy to plan meetings without wasting time on back-and-forth emails. 

The software you need:

calendly logo


Calendly lets your sales reps send a link to the prospect that shows them the times they have available to talk. 


When it comes to closing the deal, make it as easy and fluid to get it done as possible. Time is precious and using multiple systems to manage your contracts creates a bad experience for you and your prospects.

The software you need:

contractbook logo


Contractbook is the best, easiest, and most efficient way to get your contracts signed. By making the entire process simple and automated, you can get your deals signed quickly and make sure that every person and system knows exactly what they need to do.

(If that wasn’t enough of a reason to use them, they are also thrilled Walnut users.)

Bonus suggestion

sendoso logo


Don’t just tell your customers what they mean to you—show them. Stand out by engaging with prospects offline throughout the buyer's journey, through snail mail, sending treats, swag, or gifts. 

Prepping your sales team for 2022

With the increase of sales enablement software, your business needs to utilize the tools available to successfully challenge the competition and stay ahead. With the right sales tech stack, your sales reps will be able to excel at their jobs and your revenue will continue to increase. 

Get started on optimizing your sales stack now by integrating a sales experience platform like Walnut into your sales flow. Set up a meeting to see how it’ll boost your revenue.

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