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February 28, 2021

It’s a tradition for any respectable sales blog to have an article curating the funniest sales memes. At Walnut, we respect traditions. We understand it might be a bit distracting for sales pros in the middle of the day, but we also know that sometimes, a well-deserved break is needed. 

Of course, some of the memes are our own creations - we need to provide new stuff - but we couldn’t ignore the genius minds of other sales blogs and channels, so we brought them to you here as well. 

PS: If by mistake, one of the credits we gave isn’t accurate, we blame the internet (it’s easy and free!) but we’d also like to fix it. So if you spot a miss-crediting situation, shoot an email to He’ll be glad to take care of it. Oh, I’m speaking about myself in the third person now - funny. Don’t listen to him. 

Meme Sales: Priorities
Meme sales: New guy
Source: Sales Cares Memes
meme sales: target
Source: Sales Playbook
meme sales: demo wi-fi bug
meme sales: notes
meme sales: CRM
meme sales: CRM
Source: Kixie
meme sales: hearing product name
Source: Sales Humor
meme sales: customer responding
Source: The Daily Sales
meme sales: persistence
Source: Sayingimages
meme sales: mattress
Source: LeadFuzz
meme sales: cold calls
Source: Sales PlayBook
meme sales: version update demo
meme sales: budget
Source: Sales Humor
meme sales: disappearing client
meme sales pressure
Source: Daily Sales
meme sales process
Meme sales: Calling clients - Adele
Source: Sales Playbook
Meme Sales: Demo crashes
meme sales: easy work
Source: The Daily Sales
Meme Sales: Hardwork
Source: Lusha

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