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Closing Time: What You Can Do to Influence Your Team's Sales Calls

Closing Time: What You Can Do to Influence Your Team's Sales Calls

Many sales organization leaders ask how they can influence the success of sales team members’ sales calls. Of course, sitting in on individual sales calls is generally not possible and certainly not scalable. So as a leader, how do you move the needle and get better conversions from your calls?

What can you do to influence the success of sales calls?

Drawing on our combined experience in this field, together with discussions with top sales leaders, we’ve narrowed down some high-impact activities that can have a real and immediate impact on your teams’ rates of success. 

Building your team

When we talk about building the team, the meaning is twofold. 

First, it means attracting and retaining the right people for your organization. As is well documented, so many issues – including lack of performance – can be solved upstream by hiring right. Similarly, stellar overall performances come from picking the best and brightest for your team. As a sales leader you might not be involved in individual hires – but you can set the expectations and culture of your teams.  

The second type of “Team Building” is ongoing coaching. Whether individually, across teams, or even just in conversations with key managers, this is a way to leverage performance in a powerful and sustainable way.

Bring your team onboard

Many sales teams and individual members of such teams too often feel excluded from the organization. Remuneration is often heavily commission-based, and many people in the industry complain of feeling like an “outsourced team” or a mercenary army.

To solve this, take the opposite approach. Embrace your team within your organization. Let them feel wanted, appreciated, and valued as part of the organization. 

Share as much information as possible, including general company goals, strategy, and the latest thinking coming out of the Boardroom.

This type of approach can bring far better results than Playstations, awards, and free trips. 

Providing a conducive environment 

No sales team wants to feel that they are fighting the company’s battles and yet they are not adequately equipped to succeed in their mission. 

The right tools – specifically best-of-breed technologies and platforms – can empower sales teams to achieve optimal results. As a sales leader, deciding on your sales tech stack is one of the most important decisions you can make.

From CRM platforms to lead enrichment, and crucially to the software used for demos. 

Walnut as an enabler

Walnut is one of those critical technologies that have an outsize impact on sales team performance. Walnut enables sales leaders to personalize every aspect of your sales teams’ demos, with no coding or back-end changes required.

With Walnut, your actual product doesn’t need to be working during the call. So there are no nervous moments when the R&D team make live changes in production, derailing your sales teams’ best efforts. 

Leading from the front

Sales team leaders can and should leave their imprint on their sales organization, and have a significant impact on sales teams’ success – even when not directly involved in the sales process. 

By impacting hiring, culture, coaching, and technologies used, sales team leaders can not only move that needle: they can push it to places never seen before. 

Create customized and interactive demos that your prospect will enjoy – without coding> 

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