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How CT4 Reduced Cost of Sales, While Improving Sales Velocity

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How CT4 Reduced Cost of Sales, While Improving Sales Velocity


‘We needed demos to grow, but we knew giving 5 demos a day wasn’t sustainable’

CT4 understood that their sales process wasn’t as efficient as it could be. So, Matt and the team looked for ways to trim the cost of sales and shorten their sales cycle.

That’s when CT4 discovered that the inefficiency was related to the fact that they invested the same resources on every opportunity, no matter the potential deal size or buyer intent. And this meant the team struggled to deliver an optimal buying experience and meet all of the demand for demos, which in turn led to lost sales.

“We were investing the same resources into every deal, regardless of the size of the opportunity. So, we were chasing our tails when it came to managing our resources. And this meant our sales process was very inefficient and it was expensive to demo.”


‘By investing in opportunities with higher intent, we’ve been able to increase product qualified leads (PQLs).’

The moment CT4 started using Walnut, the team was able to deliver 30% more demos with the same headcount and allocate resources based on deal size and intent. As a result, their sales process ran much more smoothly.

“By investing in opportunities with higher intent, we’ve been able to increase PQLs. And this means our team and sales process are much more efficient.” 


‘Using Walnut has enabled us to reach more high-value prospects’

With Walnut, CT4 was not only able to invest more resources in high-value deals, but they were also able to increase their reach and support market segments they weren’t able to address before. And this has helped CT4 become much more efficient and improve their sales velocity.

“Because we have significantly increased our demo delivery, we are able to reach more high-value prospects.”


‘It was very expensive for us to demo’

Matt Jones, a Channel Sales Manager at CT4, knew that the company needed to find a way to reduce their sales costs, while still increasing their revenue.

As part of his efforts, Matt evaluated the company’s resource usage. Specifically looking at CT4’s partner channel, they needed to give a demo to both the partner and the customer. And for each demo, they needed to have both a sales rep and tech strategist (AKA solutions consultant) on the call, which made demoing very expensive for the business.

On top of this, the team had to be picky about who they gave demos to first, because for every five potential customers, there was only one tech strategist available.

For example, if CT4 had 25 partners, and each partner had 4 customers that wanted to see the product, there would be 100 people waiting for a demo.

This meant the team had to “chase their tails” when it came to managing their resources because while they needed demos to grow, they also knew that giving this many demos a day wasn’t sustainable.

“It was very expensive for us to demo, so we needed to be very picky about who we would give demos to.”

‘I wanted to save the tech strategist for high-value deals’ 

The problem went deeper than that because regardless of the size of the potential deal or buyer intent, the team was using the same amount of resources to showcase the product’s value.

This not only made it very expensive to demo, but also led to significant inefficiencies in their sales process.

That’s when Matt understood that CT4 needed to make some strategic changes. So, to reduce their sales costs, Matt wanted the team to focus on increasing PQLs to ensure they were prioritizing the highest-value deals.

This is what caused Matt to look into Walnut.

“Resource wise, I wanted to save the tech strategist for high-value deals, without neglecting our smaller partners.”

‘We don’t need as many resources to convey our value’

Matt wanted to use Walnut to give prospects a way to independently take a quick look at their solution and let the product do the talking.

This way, the team could avoid giving expensive demos to potential clients that would have less than 50 users. It would also help free up the tech strategists so they could focus on only the opportunities with the highest intent.

When CT4 started using Walnut, Matt was able to implement the changes in channel strategy that were needed right away.

With Walnut, the team could focus their in-person engagement on partners with large vendor clients, while still sending short demos to smaller opportunities. This meant they didn’t miss out on any deals.

Additionally, since implementing Walnut, the team has been able to give 30% more demos.

CT4 was also able to increase the team’s responsiveness by reducing the wait time when it came to demo delivery.

But the benefits of using Walnut went further than that for CT4.

‘We could do more with less’

In addition to making their sales process more efficient, Matt realized that the team could use Walnut to expand their reach.

In some cases, CT4’s team is targeting large organizations with as many as ten different stakeholders that need to see a demo.

So, instead of scheduling demos with all of these individuals, the team can just share their Walnut demos with every stakeholder that needs to see it. This not only saves the prospect’s time, but also helps CT4 use the tech strategist resource more efficiently and reach more customers.

And this has driven a tangible result, with CT4’s outreach increasing by 200%.

“We’re able to reach more customers with less people.”

‘Walnut helped us expedite decision-making’

That wasn’t the only business impact CT4 noticed.

When the team gave Walnut demos, several partners noted how impressed they were with CT4’s product and that the demo had convinced them of the value proposition.

This meant that showcasing CT4’s product using Walnut helped the company expedite the decision-making process.

“Walnut helped us expedite the decision-making process.”

‘We’ve created a clear training path’ 

The other piece of the puzzle was filling the knowledge gaps that came as a result of the 30% growth the company experienced in the last year.

So, while CT4 originally used Walnut for sales demos, Customer Success and HR began using Walnut to streamline training.

Not only did this help CT4 develop more structured processes, but it also allowed them to establish a clearer training path for customers.

On top of this, because Walnut is a plug-and-play solution, internal sales training became much smoother, regardless of any staff changes the team experienced.

And this ultimately translated to a better customer experience.

“We’ve been able to improve the customer experience by creating a clear training path.”

‘Our sales reps no longer rely on tech strategists to reach high-value prospects’

The biggest change for CT4 has been the ability for anyone on the team, not just the tech strategists, to convey what the product does and how it works on a very simplistic level.

And this has made all the difference when it comes to opening doors and reaching high-value opportunities.

By being able to send potential customers or partners the “cliff notes” version of CT4’s product without assistance from tech strategists, they can get these larger opportunities interested quickly.

For Matt, that’s the value of Walnut in a nutshell: the ability to help CT4 grow faster.

“For us, Walnut is a game-changing software that has helped us become successful, faster.”

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