Knowledge is power, especially when budget-related decisions are on the table. At Walnut, we provide tools that enable sales professionals to create customized, insightful, and unbreakable demos. Our larger mission is to empower our community to offer unique sales experiences. And as our 2nd-grade teacher always said, homework is key. 

True, you have a killer product, and correct, your demo looks fantastic. Now, when it comes to research, two levels need to be taken into account: the micro, meaning your prospects’ pains and needs, and the macro, meaning, what’s going on in the bigger picture - the market. 

This article focuses on the macro level and brings 15 interesting sales stats we found online:

First, let’s put this on the table:

Sales Stats: Sales digital interactions prediction

Now, how can we make the most out of it?

Sales Stats: Good VS Bad Salespeople

And this is because (among other things)...

Sales Stats: Numbers of calls prospect

So, if you already got the “yes”, remember that:

Sales Stats: Pricing and demo stage

Speaking of pricing...

Sales Stats: Value Based Approach SaaS Pricing

Which makes perfect sense since,

Sales Stats: Sales consultant vs sales pros

It turns out that:

Sales Stats: Buyers opinion on salespeople skills

So, to avoid this embarrassing situation here’s what you should take note of:

Sales Stats: Top ways to create positive sales experience

And always remember:

Sales Stats: Tech Savvy Buyers

What about the synergy between sales and marketing? Glad you asked!

Sales Stats: SaaS companies marketing investment

Given that,

Sales Stats: Sales Email Opening

The following stat isn’t really surprising.

Sales Stats: Marketing nurture lead generation

Yup, it turns out that

Sales Stats: Nurture leads opening rate

More generally, marketing efforts for lead gen' split into three main categories:

Sales Stats: Marketing efforts categories

And it’s always good to keep in mind that:

Sales Stats: LinkedIn Sales Usage B2B

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