We already discussed Following up after completing a prospect demo is an essential step in the sales process. Each step is a breadcrumb that keeps your prospects on track for a sale and each follow-up can be all it takes to get them hooked!

But, the success of the post-demo follow-up email relies heavily on how you did in your demo and anything else beforehand (we'll get into this too). The art of which is about keeping buyers engaged through constant communication and ensuring they don’t forget about you or the features that drew their attention initially.

So how can you craft a killer demo follow-up email that converts? Here are some do’s and don'ts that'll skyrocket the conversion rate of the most sensitive email in the process.

What is the goal of the follow-up email after a product demo?

The follow-up email that comes after the demo is an important milestone in the relationship you build with your prospect. The goal of this follow-up is simply to make it to the next phase in the sales process.

You should include a thank you letter after the product demonstration, reiterate key points from the demo, and provide a clear call to action.

It's also a good idea to state key takeaways and benefits at the top so prospects can easily skim through. Moreover, it’s important to show how much attention went into personalizing emails by repeating specifics your buyer said during the call! Ultimately, ensure it sounds like YOU - don't copy what other people say.

Sending follow-up emails after a demo can be an excellent way to move your buyers closer to a mutually beneficial goal. So you should include a clear next step or call to action at the end of it.

But don't forget that the purpose is not just for you, it's also about meeting their needs too!

Why it's vital to send the follow-up email after a demo

In all likelihood, you already know that only 2% of sales occur in the first meeting and 80% of deals occur after five messages. To maximize the success rate, a solid follow-up strategy is a must. So don't give up after a couple of no's.

Ensure you prepare more than one follow-up email and be patient with those who don’t respond right away. It's all part of a successful sales strategy! We suggest emailing once every other day or weekly as appropriate.

It is clear that follow-up emails after business meeting efforts pay off big time, but it all starts with the follow-up email after the product demo. So don't be afraid to keep trying even if someone doesn't respond right away because remember: persistence pays off.

Handy do's and don'ts for sales follow-up emails

Any sales follow-up emails can be tricky. In a world where no one responds to anything, following up with potential clients is more of an art than science. These guidelines will come in handy when drafting future correspondence:


  • Do send a thank you email after the product demo.
  • Do send follow-up emails 12 hours after the demo. This is usually the sweet spot.
  • Do keep the tone conversational.
  • Do find out if the customer has any questions or concerns they want to be answered before moving forward.
  • Do include any tips that the salesperson mentioned during the call.
  • Do schedule a follow-up meeting after the demo if you haven't already.
  • Do include testimonials or reviews from clients who have recently purchased your product.


  • Don't talk about yourself and your company, instead talk about the benefits to them. Use "you," "your," etc.
  • Don't forget to mention what is next on your agenda with this client - whether it's another meeting or waiting to hear how they like their purchase.
  • Don't include attachments in these follow-ups as clients may not have time to read them at that moment. However, an attachment can be helpful if it supports something specific that was discussed during the meeting.

These tips will help establish credibility for potential buyers and make them feel more confident about buying.

Sample after-demo follow-up email template that moves your client

The best-case scenario is that your demo went well, and a fit was established. While this is great news, it's not a sure thing just yet!

The next steps are crucial to making the sale. So remind prospects their feedback was valuable while giving them one task they can do right now as the next step.

Demo follow up email template: reinforcing the value and confirming next steps

*Subject line* Re: Today's Demo with {your product}

"Hey {name}!

Thank you for your time yesterday and for sharing your challenge with [X and Y challenges]. We're happy the demo gave you a better idea of how [product name] will help you reach your goals.

Here are the X ways we agreed [product] meets your requirements:

  • Problem / Solution #1
  • Problem / Solution #2

Based on the goals and workflows you already described, I can set up custom onboarding tips so everyone can discover features that would be useful for their work right away. I'll get started drafting the proposal and will send it by [date].

When can we get started?


Jason Bourne"

Boost follow-up email conversions with interactive product demos

We all understand now the importance of follow-up emails. But let's take a step back and focus on something even more important: the demo itself!

Today's demos are like a "let's imagine" game, where you describe what features your customer can expect from your SaaS solution, right?

But what if you could impress your buyers with personalized and interactive experiences instead? 

Walnut lets you email your prospects a link to your customized product demo so they can experience a demo like never before. 

Not only are the links interactive but they also allow you to collect insights on their usage of the demo. 

Insights you can use to get in your prospect’s head and know EXACTLY what value they found in your demo. This is the secret sauce that can help you beat your competition and seal the deal. Think about what that can do to your email follow-up strategy and your conversion rate.

Boost your conversion rate with personalized demos experiences today>

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