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Generic Sales Suck: A #WeAreProspects Roundtable Event Recap

Generic Sales Suck: A #WeAreProspects Roundtable Event

We hosted our very first #WeAreProspects roundtable event with speakers from Vidyard, Apollo, and Postal. Needless to say, it was a blast. 

Hundreds of people from across the world registered for the event to hear about personalization and why it’s so crucial in SaaS sales. The event’s success showed us once again how important it is to both buyers and sellers that we improve the SaaS sales experience. It was super interesting to hear from our panelists about the many ways we can be personalizing the process for our prospects.

The four industry experts who offered their experience were Adir Ben-Yehuda, VP of Sales at Walnut, Dan Wardle, VP of Revenue at Vidyard, David Bennion, VP of Sales at Apollo, and Jon Zoob, VP of Sales at Postal.

If you feel like you missed out and want to watch it now, you can! 

We collected a few little snippets and quotes from the roundtable just for you:

Adir Ben-Yehuda moderated the event and opened up by explaining why we decided to focus the first #WeAreProspects roundtable on the need for better personalization in sales.

“Sales is personal. Not only because losing a deal can be soul-crushing at times, but also because each prospect is an individual who essentially is just looking for their own specific solution to resolve their own pain points as quickly as possible. 

That’s why, as sellers, it’s crucial to make the sales process feel as individualized and personalized as possible.”

David Bennion explained how important it is to focus the conversation on the buyer and what they’re hoping to achieve.

“When you show up to the conversation, you should be sharing what your understanding is of what they’re looking for as opposed to coming in totally blank slate. Obviously, you want to give somebody a chance to add more to the conversation or bring something new that maybe has changed… but it’s really critical to do your full research beforehand and then really make the conversation about them.” 

Dan Wardle talked about the impact he sees practically when personalizing outreach. 

“Everything should be personalized. You can see a direct correlation of the response rates. Not every template needs to be personalized, but personalize the first one. If they respond to that one you don’t need to do any of the other ones.” 

Jonathan Zoob stressed the importance of creating real relationships in virtual sales.

“What we forget is people buy from people that they like. They buy from humans and if you can do that along the way in a virtual process through gifting or any type of other offline mechanism I think you can really positively impact your deal.”

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