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Nuts About Sales: Christina Brady & Adir Ben-Yehuda

Nuts About Sales: Christina Brady & Adir Ben-Yehuda

In this special episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing both Christina Brady, President of Sales Assembly, and our very own Adir Ben Yehuda, VP Sales at Walnut. They shared with us their best sales tips, experiences, and fun facts! Watch the full video or read the interview below.

What’s your name? Where do you work?

C: I’m Christina Brady and I’m the president of Sales Assembly.

A: I’m Adir Ben Yehuda and I run sales for Walnut.

Cold outreach vs. CRM update

C: I think I would prefer to do crm updates over cold outreach because I like to feel like I have control over things.

A: I love cold outreach. It’s the best!

Summer vs. Winter

C: Winter. Which I know, everytime I answer that it’s weird but I don’t like being warm.

A: Summer, obviously. Christina needs to control.

Waiting vs. Hunting

C: Hunting is going to be my strategy. It’s the salesperson in me.

A: Hunting! It’s fun.

Pizza vs. Pasta

C: I get pizza everyday.

A: Pasta… you can get more creative with pasta and it also goes better with meat if you ask me.

Campion vs. Multi-thread

C: Multi-threading, all day. If you’ve got one champion in a company and something happens to them your entire relationship is in big trouble.

A: Championing. If you build something with someone that could lead you within the organization, you can actually develop this relationship and it goes a long way.

Wine vs. Beer

C: Wine. I know what Adir is going to say.

A: Beer, of course. It’s way more fun and you can drink from it and not get tired.

C: I can drink a lot of wine… I don’t know.

LinkedIn vs. Email

C: Uh, I’m old school. Email. You have to check LinkedIn in order to see what’s there and a lot of it turns into noise for me.

A: I’m with Christina. LinkedIn is just full of spam. Emails are way better.

Party vs. Chill

C: Chill. I am a hard introvert. I will hang out before I party every time.

A: Party! All the time. Get all this energy out, of course.

Management vs. Hands-on

C: I think management is hands-on. I would choose hands-on servant leadership so I gotta go with a hybrid.

A: Smartass. I’m a guy who loves cold emails so definitely hands-on.

Cats vs. Dogs

C: I gotta go cats I’ve got five cats.

A: That’s a surprising one! Dogs, definitely.

Remote sales vs. F2F

C: Definitely remote sales when it comes to the volume that you can do, face to face is always the goal but if you develop a good remote sales process you’re going to exceed faster than if you wait for face to face.

A: With the overall volume, I’m with Christina. But I prefer face to face sales.

Beach vs. Trek

C: Beach

A: Beach, definitely.

Legal vs. Paperwork

C: Administrative paperwork. I’ll work with legal all day.

A: Isn’t it basically the same?

Batman vs. Joker

C: I mean I gotta go batman simply because of the batman voice.

A: Joker, definitely. He’s way more fun.

Gatekeeper vs. Tire-kicker

C: I will take the gatekeeper all day. The tire-kicker is like call me in a month, let me think about it. No! I’d rather just find a way to make that gatekeeper my best friend.

A: I’m with Christina here. Gatekeeper all the way.

Spend vs. Save

C: I’m gonna say spend because you can’t take it with you. You live one time so do what makes you happy.

A: Definitely spend.

Adaptable vs. Consistent

C: Consistency lacks innovation so adaptable all the way.

A: Definitely that’s the best quality of a salesperson, be adaptable.

Walnuts vs. Hazelnuts

C: I gotta say walnut right?

A: Everytime walnuts! It’s the best one and it goes with everything.

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