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Nuts About Sales: Avi Wiesenberg - Scale Revenue Consulting

Nuts About Sales: Avi Wiesenberg

In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Avi Wiesenberg, Scale Revenue Consultant. He shared with us his best sales tips, experiences, and more! Watch the full video or read the interview below.

What’s your name? Where do you work?

My name is Avi Wiesenberg, and if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. But, right now, I’m consulting with a range of startups in Israel.

Your biggest challenge when demoing

My biggest challenge when demoing is shutting the hell up and letting the customer do the story. Especially if you got a great product and you’re desperate to show how cool it is and how amazing it is, you got to keep quiet and let the customer do the talking.

The craziest thing that happened to you during a demo

The craziest thing that happened to me in the middle of a demo was that a customer actually fell asleep. It wasn’t the main guy in the room, but he was one of the guys around the table and he was out cold in the middle of the demo. And I’m not a bad presenter.

The most genius move you did to save a deal

The most genius move I did to save a deal was whenI walked away from the deal on the last day of the quarter. It was actually in China and I had the guy on the ground and they tried to negotiate the price and I told him to get up, walk out, and go back to the airport. And we walked away from the deal, we won it back a few months later at a more fair price.

Worst mistake to avoid

The biggest mistake I find is important to avoid in sales is selling features instead of really understand the value to the customer. You know, if you just start selling features, you are gonna go down the rabbit hole and get lost.

Your golden rule of sales

My golden rule of sales is to unpeel the onion, just to get 3-4 layers deeper until the real understanding of “Why”.

Your best sales tip

“Smile and Dial” or “Zoom and Boom”. And always multi-thread your lead, make sure you’re not dependent on one decision-maker.

Your sales style

My sales style is a “consultative hunter”.

How do you celebrate closing a deal

Usually, fine scotch and a good cigar.

Sell me a walnut!

Why do you need a walnut? Are you hungry? Do you need a nut? Do you like nuts? I can’t sell you a walnut unless you need it, and I know it can add value.

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