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Nuts About Sales - Jonathan Shtofman, Director of Sales at Mesh Payments

Nuts About Sales - Jonathan Shtofman

In our 31st episode of #NutsAboutSales, we had a chat with Jonathan Shtofman, Director of Sales at Mesh Payments.

You do not want to miss out on the B2B sales gems Jonathan dishes out. Listen to this interview to hear:    

  • The craziest thing to happen to him during a demo    
  • Why you need to be yourself when selling    
  • The worst mistake to make when talking with B2B customers

Watch the episode now or read the transcripts below:

What’s your name and where do you work?

My name is Jonathan Shtofman. I’m the Director of Sales for Mesh Payments in North America.

What’s the craziest thing that happened to you during a demo?

We were demoing to a partner and we were about 8 people on the Zoom call. And at some point, one of the guys in the room decided to take off his shirt and sit shirtless for the remainder of the presentation. I guess he forgot about the camera screen there but it was very awkward and we didn’t really know how to respond to that. 

What’s your biggest challenge when demoing?

It’s how we build and maintain the eye-contact and engagement with our prospects during the presentation and demo. We’re trying to demo a SaaS solution, but at the end of the day, the focus is to try and read the room, or read the situation, and it’s very difficult when they’re looking at a screen and you’re looking at a screen and you cant have that personal connection.

What stage of the sales process do you hate?


What’s your best sales tip?

Be yourself. Be your own persona. I think some people are trying to think that there is a specific persona of salespeople that work, but I don’t believe that. 

I think at the end, a relationship is being built between two people and if you don’t bring your true self to the conversation, nobody is going to believe what you’re saying. 

What’s the worst mistake to avoid in sales?

To be condescending. I think customers, they don’t like to hear that someone’s there to educate them or teach them, they want to be consulted. And if you sound too condescending in the first 2-3 minutes on the call, that’s it. There’s no saving that one.

What’s your golden rule in sales?

If you do the work, you’ll succeed. If you invest your time in your prospect, if you do your follow-ups, if you do your Salesforce work as you should, you will succeed in the long run.

Sell me a walnut.

So finally, after two years, we are back at the office and as much as I love being back, there’s one thing I didn’t miss – it’s the office snack culture. 

But one thing that made me even happier coming back to the office is seeing that our office admin also added in a few healthy options. And when I start my day, I love taking a few walnuts just to get started. 

Is that something you guys want as well?

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