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Nuts About Walnut: Yoav Susz, General Manager at Contractbook

Walnut testimonial Contractbook

Hi! Tell me about yourself and your company.

Hi, my name is Yoav and I’m the General Manager for Contractbook. Contractbook is rebuilding the foundation of contracts. We’re making it really easy for any company of any size to work with our contracts in a smart way and use all that data across their tech stacking team.

Why did you choose to move to Walnut?

I didn’t move to Walnut—Walnut was the first time we’ve ever used something like this. But it seemed like a really interesting way for us to help people visualize what it’s like using Contractbook with other applications.

What’s the main benefit of Walnut for your sales team? 

I think that it basically allowed us to help people – to show rather than tell, to help people really understand what Contractbook looks like, how it works with other applications, and how you can embed it on your own website. It really gives us an easy way to do that without having to be reliant on anybody. It’s simple enough for any salesperson to use and super powerful.

How do you actually use the platform on a day-to-day basis?

To start off, without Walnut we wouldn’t have closed about 3 or 4 deals in the last month because basically what we were able to do was to take somebody else’s product and show them how Contractbook would be a part of that. 

And that was only made possible by the work that we’re doing with Walnut. Being able to really show people how this [Contractbook] can integrate with their workflow, with their product and how it’s going to work, that’s incredibly powerful and historically really challenging to do without something like Walnut. 

What do you enjoy most about your experience with Walnut?

I think that it’s just really easy to use. I think that the ability to have an idea and go: “This would be really cool” and “Let me be able to show this to somebody,” and then having it in their inbox or having it live on the demo is cool. And I think that just being able to send the link after and say “Go walk through this yourself” is really helpful.  

I think that buying is changing. Selling is changing. And having that ability to arm your buyers with something that they can point to which isn’t just a static presentation is really powerful.

What’s the biggest pain Walnut solves for your company?

The biggest pain [that Walnut solves] is being able to show integrations, which was always a challenge. A lot of what we do is about contracts in the middle of your business and how it can interact with other systems – that was always difficult to show, so we always had to explain it conceptually and that’s hard. People imagine different things. When you say something to somebody, they don’t always envision it the exact way you meant it. And through Walnut we’ve been able to really paint a very, very clear picture. And that really helps make sure that you get your point across and that they see what you intended. 

Do you use Walnut for other business needs? 

So right now the two main use cases are demoing and showing how it works with other systems and then being able to send it in the follow up emails, but we’re looking into how we can embed it on our website, so how you can give somebody a quick tour of the product, we’re looking at how we can use it even for customer success. I think there are a ton of applications of the system and there’s so much that can be built.

How would you summarize Walnut in one sentence?

Walnut allows your customers to truly experience your product.

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