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The Sales MiNUT- Debra Senra, VP Sales & Client Experience at ThreeFlow

Nuts About Sales, Debra Senra

In our 3rd episode of The Sales MiNUT, we sat down with Debra Senra, the VP of Sales & Client Experience at ThreeFlow.

Watch this brilliant episode to learn what she never does before a demo, understand what she loves about working in sales, and hear about the time she got a bag of chips thrown at her during a Zoom call.

Watch the video or read the transcripts below:

What’s your favorite cold call/email opening line?

Anything that shows that you did your homework.

What’s your best sales demo advice?

Make it about them, not about you. 

What’s the most awkward thing that ever happened to you on a Zoom call?

My daughter was off to the side, and I had asked her to get me a bag of chips. And I did like jazz hands to celebrate what somebody was saying on the line, and she thought it was, “throw me the chips”. And I got a bag of chips pelted onto my face.

Why work in sales?

Because you get to help people.

Best tip to handle a ghosting prospect?

The absence of a response is not a response. And a lack of response is not them telling you to stop, so keep going.

What’s your favorite song to pump you up before a demo? 

Gross. I don’t do that. 

What’s the worst reaction a prospect had to a joke you said?

Total silence. That’s so awkward. 

To win 5-lbs of walnuts, count down from 10 but switch 1, 3, 6, 7 with the word “walnut”.

Ten, nine, eight, walnut, walnut, five, four, walnut, two, walnut.

See? And I didn’t even get hit by chips. 

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