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Introducing Walnut’s New Salesforce Integration

Introducing Walnut’s New Salesforce Integration

In the wise words of our girl Avril Lavigne: “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?”

The SaaS sales process is already complicated enough. And it’s safe to say that both your GTM team and your organization as a whole already have a pretty lofty tech stack. 

That’s why any new product your team adds should simplify your sales process, not complicate it. 

Not to mention, it’s essential to ensure that any new product you adopt will drive positive business results like shortening deal lengths, increasing closed-won rates, and improving overall conversion rates throughout the sales funnel. And of course, that it gives you a way to track its impact on these metrics. 

This is exactly what drove us to build our new and improved Salesforce integration, which seamlessly integrates with the way you currently work!

What our Salesforce integration is all about

Our new Salesforce integration allows reps, sales managers, and revenue operation teams to seamlessly embed demo workflows within their organizations and measure their demos’ impact on their sales cycles

This way, you’ll be able to see aggregated demo engagement data per deal based on product engagement to help you assess buyer intent and better manage deals by giving you all the demo-related information you need right in your CRM. 

Walnut and Salesforce integration

Key features and capabilities:

Create personalized demos directly from Salesforce opportunities

Now, you can not only add CRM variables to templates, but also create and send interactive demos directly from Salesforce. 

This means that your team can access any template directly from Salesforce and that your demos will be automatically linked to the originating opportunity because they were created directly in the CRM. 

In addition, if your template includes CRM variables, they’ll be automatically filled in with information from the opportunity it’s linked to.

All so you never have to leave your Salesforce workflows. 

To learn more, check out this Walnut demo

Access demo data in Salesforce to identify your buyers’ intent and hidden stakeholders

Now, you can also see your demo data directly in your Salesforce opportunity page. 

This will allow you to view your prospects’ journey when it comes to your Walnut demos, as well as better assess their intent and how they are engaging with your content. 

All to make Walnut more accessible to you and your team, get deal signals from demo engagement data, and help you leverage demos to show value and drive deal momentum. 

To learn more, check out this Walnut demo

Utilize and monitor demo data in your existing workflows

By implementing the Salesforce integration, you’ll be able to use demo engagement data in your current workflows.

Once you’ve enabled the integration, it will be available for all Walnut users in an organization. This means any user that can create a demo will be able to connect it to a specific opportunity in Salesforce.

After you’ve linked your demos to opportunities, you can easily view demo data per opportunity to get a more complete picture of your deal progress, match Walnut demos to your customer lifecycles, and direct sellers on when to use each demo. 

By analyzing demo engagement data in the context of Salesforce entities, you can see your demos’ impact on pipeline, leads, successful deals, deal age, and time to purchase. 

In addition, this integration lets you locate demos in your Walnut Demo Library by using your CRM data.

How does this work? 

Well, when buyers engage with Walnut demos, this data is automatically recorded in Salesforce as “custom objects”. 

This will let sales leaders do in-depth analyses that can help shape their sales strategy when it comes to interactive demos.  

Monitor your demo utilization across teams and stages with ready-made Salesforce reports

You can also easily download pre-defined reports so you can see the impact of your demo usage on overall deal velocity and conversion rates. 

Here are a few of the out-of-the-box, ready-made reports you’ll have access to:

  • Average number of demos per deal
  • Correlation of demos used and stage length
  • Correlation of interactive demo usage and deals closed won
  • Correlation of interactive demo usage and deals closed lost
  • Most played and used demos by your team and buyers
  • Correlation between low-engagement deals and demo usage
  • Correlation between high-engagement deals and demo usage

On top of this, you can also customize your reports to match your existing objects and Salesforce entities. 

To learn more about the Salesforce app, check out this Walnut demo

Interactive demos that work the way you work

At the end of the day, simple sells. 

So, in order to give you everything you need to simplify your sales process and complement your existing workflows, our latest integration offers a way to seamlessly manage, understand, and elevate your deals.

Our Salesforce integration allows you to collect unique demo insights at each step of the sales funnel, track demo engagement, uncover buying intent, identify hidden stakeholders, as well as create and share personalized demos— all without leaving Salesforce.  

Because let’s face it, by helping sellers better understand their buyers, you give them the tools they need to personalize the buying journey and improve the B2B buying experience. And this just happens to be why we get up in the morning.  

Learn more about Walnut’s new Salesforce integration >

Create demos your prospects will love today.

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