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Walnut’s New Salesforce Capabilities

Integrate interactive demos into your workflows.

Effortlessly embed demo workflows within your organization and measure your demos’ impact on your sales cycles.  

Gain access to demo engagement data to help you assess buyer intent and better manage deals— without leaving your CRM.

Walnut's New Salesforce Capabilities
Walnut Salesforce integration

The demo insights you need to master your sales process directly in Salesforce.

  • Create
  • Identify
  • Analyze and optimize

Create demos directly in Salesforce

Access any template as well as create and send personalized demos directly from opportunities in your CRM.

Identify buyer intent and hidden stakeholders

Embed Walnut Deal Intel in Salesforce to get deal signals from demo engagement data, and help you leverage demos to show value and drive deal momentum.

Analyze and optimize demo data in your workflows

View engagement data per opportunity and download pre-defined reports to gauge deal progress, match Walnut demos to your customer lifecycles, and direct sellers on when to use each demo.

We work the way you work

Create, share, and analyze your Walnut demos at superspeed with powerful integrations.

Walnut integration with Salesforce
Walnut integration with HubSpot
Walnut integration with Gmail
Walnut integration with OpenAI
Walnut integration with HighSpot
Walnut integration with Slack

Your sales process — cracked.

Interactive demos that work the way you work.

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