In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Adina Fenton, Director of Business Development at Windward. She shared with her best sales tips, experiences, and more! Watch the full video or read the interview below.

What’s your name? Where do you work?

My name is Adina and I work at Windward.

Funniest thing a client has told you

Once I was working with a French customer and he told me my French was really good, which hurt my feelings because I’m born and raised in France.

Your most genius move to save a deal

I don’t know if its a genius move, but we once had a deal that involved a live test, and we had 3 hours to answer 4 questions, and when we got the questions we realised that this was a big deal and so I instantly shared the question with the whole company and within minutes, we had the complete company working on these questions. There were 100 people working together on this live test, and we actually made it on time. We won this deal!

The biggest challenge when demoing

My biggest challenge would be to stay authentic, because sometimes I have like 5-6 demos in a row where I need to go over the same things and answer the same questions.

Your best sales tip

My best sales tip would be: Sell the future! Especially for a SaaS company. The products are ever evolving and it’s ok to sell something that isn’t there yet.

The worst mistake to avoid

The worst mistake to avoid, and this is kind of the contrapoint of my best sales tip, is do not sell something that you cannot provide, or deliver.

A superstition you have before closing a deal

I’m not a superstitious person, however I would never say that I’ve closed the deal, before I actually close the deal.

Sell me a walnut!

I could tell you to buy this walnut because it’s yummy and it’s nutritious, but really what I want to talk about is when you think about buying a walnut, is the future. Tomorrow, you could have a walnut tree, and that’s one big ROI.

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