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Humans vs. The Machine

Where do we draw the line with using tech and AI in our sales?

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One thing is clear these days: Technology, and specifically AI, is getting increasingly more powerful. 

In SaaS sales, tech and AI can help us with everything from writing cold emails to tracking our live calls and creating sales pitches. It helps make sales teams more efficient, lowers costs for companies, and allows businesses to grow faster.

But at what point does all this tech distance us from our prospects? When (if ever) should we step away from the tech and AI and approach our prospects just human to human? And what areas of sales stand to gain and suffer the most from these new and emerging technologies?

Most importantly, how can we make sure that AI and tech are making the buying process better for our prospects and not hurting the human connection? 

Because never forget that #WeAreProspects too.

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What you’ll learn

In this webinar, we’ll hear from sales leaders as they discuss the limits of sales tech and the need for a human touch.
We’ll hear about how they are using these budding technologies themselves and when they choose to avoid them.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss:

What should and shouldn’t be automated in the sales process?

What are the most creative ways you’ve seen sales pros utilize AI to simplify their sales process?

When is it time to avoid all the tech and AI and just sell like it’s 1985?

Matt Green

CRO of Sales

Marie Brunet

Global VP Sales

Aryeh Abramowitz

Director of Sales

Devin Liu

Head of Commercial Sales

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