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How it started

Telling stories has been humanity’s main way of interacting since the dawn of time.

In 1998, Bill Gates, one of the world’s greatest tech leaders, went on TV to tell the story of his new product: Windows 98. His co-presenter plugged a cord in the PC to showcase the Windows plug-and-play functionality, and what happened next was coined as the first ever “blue screen of death.”

Many industries have been disrupted since this historical event, however, one thing has not changed:

Product demonstrations are still terrifying, generic, and prone to combust, resulting in an equivalent blue screen of death.

How it's going

In order to try and sell better, customer-facing teams currently use many different tools and techniques to stabilize and customize the demo experience for their prospects.

They require back-end assistance in order to design specific mockups before an important sales call; product teams in order to add or remove a feature; or even just asking the R&D team to not play with the production environment while a sales rep is on the call.

This results in friction between the sales and back-end teams, such as R&D, design and product - who are busy with their own ambitious pipelines and don’t like being interrupted.


Walnut is the world’s first failure-free, codeless and 100% customizable platform that empowers every sales rep to own their successful sales demo experience.

Our team

Meet the Walnut team. Best-in-class professionals you could introduce to your parents.

Our visionary investors

Gigi Levi-Weiss
Managing Partner at NFX
Faga & Storm
Partners at Felicis
Rabinovich & Hebel
Partners at Eight Roads
Conway & Arunacharam
Partners at a_capital
Joe Montana & Michael Ma
Partners at L2 Ventures
Conway & Turner
Partners at SVAngel
Matt Wyndowe
Partner at Graph Ventures
Kim Walsh
VP GTM at HubSpot
Sarah J Franklin
President & CMO, SalesForce
Paul St. John
VP WW Sales at GitHub
Immad Akhund
CEO of Mercury (ex YCombinator)
Prof. Yossi Matias
VP Engineering at Google
Frederic Kerrest
Co-Founder, Okta
Ariel Cohen
CEO, TripActions
Avishai Abrahami
Co-Founder and CEO of Wix
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