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How to Win More Deals With Interactive Demo Software

How to Win More Deals With Interactive Demo Software

“All I do is win, win, win, no matter what. Got money on my mind I can never get enough.” 

When the one and only DJ Khaled sung these wise words, he was really referencing the struggle that every SaaS sales team faces.

At the end of the day, even if you win some deals, it’s never enough. You have to win, win, win no matter what, and bring in revenue for your company. 

But how can you make sure that you continue to win, win, win no matter what? 

Well, that’s where using interactive demo software can come in handy. 

Join us as we break down everything you need to know about using interactive demo software to win more deals. 

Understanding what interactive demo software is

Before we go any further, let’s take a quick sec to go over some basics. 

When we say interactive demo software, we are referring to a software tool or platform that allows you to create interactive product demos.

But this is different than just demo software, which is a tool that lets users create mock or trial versions of their products that are used for sales. 

Interactive demo software, however, allows you to create a demo of your product that prospects can freely click through and interact with to give them a true-to-life product experience. 

How interactive demo software can help you close deals   

Imagine buying a pair of shoes without being able to try them on. How on earth are you supposed to know if they fit and meet all of your shoe-related needs?

Sounds pretty annoying, right?

Unfortunately, that’s the troubling reality that many modern SaaS buyers still face. 

When deciding how to use their company’s limited budget, buyers want to make sure they understand how your product works before they commit to purchasing it. 

But beyond this, interactive demos make it easier for you to sell your product by allowing you to let the product sell itself. This can help you speed up the sales process as well as reduce friction with buyers. 

In addition, using interactive product demo software (eh hem, like Walnut) makes it easier personalize demos and show only most relevant parts of your product for any particular buyer, making your demos more engaging, impactful, and higher-converting. 

And when the demo experience helps prospects understand how life-changing your product could be for them, it increases the chances that they’ll end up signing on the dotted line.   

How to use interactive demo software at each stage of the sales funnel to close more deals

If you thought you could only use interactive demo software for the demo call, think again!

By using interactive demos throughout the entire sales funnel, you can give your sales team an edge by shortening the sales process and improve the buying experience by letting prospects see your product whenever they want.

And this can make a big difference when it comes to winning deals. 

Here’s how to use interactive demo software throughout your entire sales process. 

Awareness: Top-of-the-funnel

During this stage of the funnel, the buyer is just starting their journey of trying to find a solution for a particular pain.

They are trying to fully understand the challenge their business needs to overcome as well as practically how they can best do this. This is where they’ll hear about your product.

While this isn’t the time for a hard sell, it’s the time to educate potential buyers on what your product can do for them and get them interested in learning more. 

Already, buyers should be able to see your product to get a better sense of whether it’s worth continuing in the buyer’s journey. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to embed an interactive demo on your website. Not only does this allow prospects to see the product from the outset, but it also helps enhance the quality of your leads. This is because buyers will already have an understanding of what your product brings to the table, so it helps ensure that the leads that do end up meeting with your team have higher intent. 

On top of this, interactive demo software (like Walnut) allows you to track which parts of the demo were the most interesting for prospects and which parts were less relevant. And this information can be used as part of the lead qualification process and help you understand what to focus on during future conversations with buyers. 

Consideration: Middle-of-the-funnel

At this point in the process, buyers typically will have a solid understanding of the issue they’re trying to solve and have identified several different options to solve it. 

But they need to consider what will be the best solution for their particular needs. 

So, in addition to having different kinds of content available to show the value of your product, you can also use interactive demo software to create demos that take into account everything you’ve learned about the prospect and their needs. 

These demos should not (we repeat, SHOULD NOT) showcase every single feature your product has to offer. They should instead focus on the specific features, use cases, or verticals that are relevant for that particular buyer. 

We also recommend having demos with shorter flows on-hand to address any questions or handle any objections that may come up throughout your conversations with the prospect. 

Action: Bottom-of-the-funnel 

When a prospect gets to the bottom-of-the-funnel, it’s decision time.

They need to decide if they are going to pull the trigger and sign on the dotted line. However, even if your prospect has already seen a demo embedded on the website or during a call, they usually aren’t the only ones that need to see the product.

In many cases, there are multiple stakeholders that need to see a demo before a decision is made. 

So, instead of having to schedule a demo call with every decision-maker involved in the deal, you can use interactive demo software to send a demo to anyone that needs to see it. This can help shorten the sales process, and ultimately get deals done more quickly. 

Key features to look for in interactive demo software

While we may be on the same page that interactive demo software can play a major role throughout the sales funnel, we do want to point out that not all interactive demo software is created equal. 

There are a few things to look for when it comes to selecting the right interactive demo software:

Personalization options   

Any interactive demo software that doesn’t make it easy for you to personalize your demos is not the solution for you. 

Because at the end of the day, any seasoned sales pro knows that modern SaaS buyers expect a tailored buying experience. Demos should not only be personalized to include a prospect’s name, company logo, and other brand details, but also based on the verticals or use cases that are relevant for them.  

Analytics and insights 

Before you decide on which interactive demo software to use, you need to make sure it offers analytics and insights.

Otherwise, how will you be able to tell which parts of your demos are successful and which parts still need some work? 

Using interactive demo software with analytics will allow you to understand where you need to make improvements to your demos going forward. And this will make a major difference in helping you close more deals. 

Integration capabilities

Last but not least, you’re gonna want to pay attention to whether or not a particular interactive demo software can integrate with other SaaS that your team is currently using.

This’ll make it so much easier to implement your interactive demo software in your sales tech stack

And the sooner you can get things up and running with your demo solution, the faster you’ll be able to start boosting your win rate. 

Win deals all day, every day with interactive demo software 

Every salesperson dreams of being able to say, “I’ll I do is win, win, win no matter what.”

But without the right tools at your disposal, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. 

That’s where interactive demo software can come into play. Because when you use interactive demo software to offer prospects ways to see your product throughout the funnel, you can not only speed up the sales process but also boost your closed won rate. 

Ready to start winning more deals? All you have to do is click that “Get started” button.

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