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Winning Strategies to Maximize Your Video Impact – In Talks with Rish From Content Beta

The power of the moving image is undeniable – it has an uncanny ability to captivate and engage your audience like no other medium. As technological advancements have made video production accessible, brands’ ability to spread a message has exponentially increased. 

But while creating a great video may be relatively easy, crafting one that will have maximum impact requires careful planning and execution. That’s why we sat down with Rish Bhandari from Content Beta, a hands-on video & design service agency, to discuss how video marketing will look moving forward. 

We hear you if you want to increase viewership, reach a wider audience, or drive more leads to your videos. Stick around a little longer while we discuss how you can take your video production efforts to the next level!

How Do Podcasts Help Businesses?

According to a survey by Wyzol, 78% of marketing professionals believe that video marketing has helped them increase sales. Companies must have a comprehensive strategy to ensure their content stands out and is seen by the right people. 

But how can videos and podcasts help brands gain more visibility? Let’s take a look.

  • Videos

A brand can use a well-produced video to introduce a product or service as well as highlight its features, benefits, and advantages over competitors. Additionally, videos can show off the company’s culture and values. This helps build trust with potential customers as they better understand what the company stands for. Furthermore, videos can be leveraged for social media campaigns to further boost brand visibility online.

  • Podcasts

Podcast episodes provide a perfect platform for businesses to discuss topics related to their industry in detail while highlighting certain products or services they offer that may be useful for the audience listening live or after the episode has ended. 

Likewise, podcasts are an avenue for guests who work in the same industry or are knowledgeable about certain topics related to the business area of expertise. Such a connection helps create interest in the show while providing valuable insights that will help attract more listeners.

Struggles That Creators Have with Podcasts

While we were on the topic of video marketing, we discussed podcasts and took Rish’s input to understand it more. What he shared was pretty interesting; here’s what he said:

“It’s easy to record podcast episodes, but it’s tough to get listeners for them.” We’re sure many can relate to this, but it’s not all. Here’s what else that makes podcasts a tough nut to crack:

  • Finding Your Audience

Finding an audience for your long podcasts is no easy feat. You must know who your ideal listener is and how you can reach them if you want to build an engaged fan base that listens every week. You must research your ideal listener to tailor your podcast topics and marketing strategies to them. This will help you create content that resonates with your listeners more effectively.

  • Growing the Audience

Say you have banked a few podcast listeners and are happy about that. What next? How do you make your podcast the next big thing? A great way to do this is by leveraging other platforms, such as social media, to promote your podcast episodes. Doing so will help expose your show to a larger audience while also helping with SEO rankings. 

  • Creating Engaging Content

Here’s what Content Beta does best: creating content that brings in numbers. It’s not enough just to make sure that people are listening – you want them to keep coming back each week for more. To do this, you must create engaging content that keeps people hooked from start to finish. This means investing time into researching topics thoroughly before recording and ensuring that conversations between hosts are natural yet informative simultaneously. Taking advantage of interviewing guests is also helpful here because having different perspectives on each episode helps keep things interesting.

How to Market Podcasts for Better Traction?

According to Rish, creators can make their podcasts successful by expanding their wings to other social media platforms. Posting snippets from your podcast on Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms can help get the word out about your show and get more people listening. You can also share behind-the-scenes images, post messages about upcoming episodes, or write blog posts related to topics covered in the podcast.

Creating an email list is another effective way to market podcasts. When fans subscribe, they’ll automatically receive notifications when new episodes are released, which helps ensure they stay up-to-date and engaged with your show. You can also send weekly emails covering relevant topics related to your podcast or offering exclusive bonus content for subscribers.

The Attention Span is Shrinking

It seems that viewers’ attention span is shrinking even lesser than 8 seconds in some cases. Point to ponder for content creators.

So what’s the solution here? Provide your target audience with what they prefer. Because instead of watching long, drawn-out videos, they increasingly want to get their information as quickly and succinctly as possible.

Short, crisp videos have become the preferred way to communicate with viewers. Longer videos may not be able to hold the viewer’s attention for the entire duration and may end up being skipped or ignored entirely. 

To stay competitive in this ever-decreasing time frame, it’s important to create informative and engaging content while keeping it brief. 

How is Content Marketing Changing in 2023?

Content marketing is constantly evolving, and the changes we will see in 2023 are no exception. We’re entering a new era of content marketing—one where users move on from a brand in seconds. To cope with such changes, here are some changes you can implement:

  • More Visuals & Quick Engagement

As people’s attention spans decrease, visuals play an increasingly important role in content marketing. Brands must devise creative ways to capture their audience’s attention quickly and efficiently. TikTok has been using this model successfully over the past few years. TikTok videos typically last for 15 seconds or less but still manage to grab attention and make an impact with their clever messages and catchy music tracks. This trend shows no sign of slowing down either.

  • Action-Oriented Content Curation

As the content continues to grow exponentially, curation has become increasingly important. Curating high-quality content helps brands stand out from the crowd by showcasing their expertise and thought leadership in their industry. 

Sure, we can do this by writing blog posts featuring other people’s work or sharing relevant articles on social media. But video and visual assets still show better results because it’s authentic and captures your brand’s essence. Videos establish trust between your brand and your audience as it shows you don’t just create content but also understand it well enough to recognize which pieces are worth sharing. 

  • Interactive Content

Interactive content is becoming more popular as people seek ways to engage with brands beyond reading text or watching videos. Quizzes, polls, and surveys are great interactive tools that allow users to engage more deeply with a brand. Exciting content allows brands to get feedback from customers more quickly than traditional methods such as focus groups or customer surveys would enable them.

What Does “To-the-Point Messaging” Mean?

To-the-point messaging means you should get right to the heart of what you’re trying to say without any unnecessary fluff or filler. In a time of information overload, brands must get their message across effectively. 

Examples of To-The-Point Messaging

One great example of successful content marketing with to-the-point messaging comes from Amazon Prime Video. Their “Prime Video Shorts” campaign features short (under 60 seconds) clips from Amazon Prime titles that give viewers an idea of what the show or movie is about without giving away too much information. 

The goal is for viewers to watch these clips and then click through to watch more on Amazon Prime. This content gives viewers just enough information, so they are interested in checking out the full show or movie but not overwhelmed by lengthy video content.

Another example comes from Nike’s series of 15-second ads featuring athletes. These ads focus on one line or phrase encapsulating Nike’s brand message and the athlete featured—all in just 15 seconds. 

Rounding Up 

With compelling creative materials, businesses can use video marketing to increase brand awareness, engage customers, and improve customer service. It is clear why so many companies are starting to invest in this marketing. From product demonstrations to educational content, videos can always help you reach a broad audience.

Content Beta is an excellent choice if you need help creating your own video and visual content to market your business online. Their graphics designers and motion graphics artists ensure that your visuals look great while fitting into a larger vision for your brand. 

From the development of graphic assets for campaigns to promotional videos for social media ads, they can do it all!

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