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Walnut in the Press

What’s all the buzz about?

Building a tech category could be loud, so we apologize if we’ve been keeping you awake.

Press page - Walnut

How Walnut, a Sales Automation Startup, Is Making Waves in the Personalization Pool

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16 NYC Enterprise Seed Startups to Watch in 2021

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Seed investors in Slack, Dropbox, and Twitch expand round in Israeli startup Walnut

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Walnut raises $3.5M from Ron Conway and others to stop remote sales pitches breaking

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Sales Teams Are Experiencing A Burnout Epidemic—Here’s How To Prioritize Your Team’s Tasks

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Best Startups Founded in New York in 2020

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Sales Platform Walnut Helps Sales Teams Create Experiences that Stand Out

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NFX, Wix CEO and Joe Montana Back Sales Startup Walnut to Enable Remote Sales

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Software sales — cracked.

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