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Nuts About Sales: Rachel Shekhtman VP Sales (Growth) at Namogoo

Nuts About Sales: Rachel Shekhtman

In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Shekhtman, VP Sales (Growth) at Namagoo. She shared with us her best sales tips, experiences, and more! Watch the full video or read the interview below.

What’s your name? Where do you work?

My name is Rachel Shekhtman and I work at Namogoo.

Craziest thing that happened to you during a demo

I ended up needing to board a plane in the middle of a demo, and I was carrying it (laptop) with my screen share on, and talking and everything as I was going up the stairs to the plane. The call finished exactly when they said to turn off devices.

Biggest challenge when demoing

I will say that I have 5 children and I am a single mom, so I think we can guess what my biggest challenge is.

Worst mistake to avoid

Believing prospects when they are too nice. A lot of times, you have very nice prospects. They say yes, yes, yes and those are the ones that you have to be most careful with.

Your best sales tip

To remind your prospect regularly of their own pain while using their own words. Everything should always be tied back to it and when you use their own words, then it’s real to them. They are selling to themselves throughout the sales process.

Your sales style

So whether I challenge, consult, or collaborate, my goal is to always build a relationship and keep it real.

What phase in the sales process do you hate the most

I think like many sales people, that “next steps” email and then following through is not fun.

A superstition you have before closing a deal

I’m not superstitious… I just believe in hard work!

Sell me a walnut!

I decided I’m not going to sell you a walnut, I’m going to sell you a subscription to walnuts. Do you see this bag right here? This bag has in it one month worth of daily servings of walnuts.

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