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2023 Year In Review: Full-Funnel Demos Have Taken Over the SaaS World

Walnut's yearly product recap

Woah, it’s already 2024? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Time seems to be passing us by faster and faster, and we have so much to catch you up on. 

Before we dive into 2024, let’s look back on all of the groundbreaking capabilities that were added to our platform over the last year. 

We know that 2023 was a rough year for the market and hit sales pros particularly hard, but we are proud that we were able to expand and enhance our product to give GTM teams the tools they need to meet their goals.

From Walnut Ace to Deal Intel, this year we focused on giving our users everything they need to sell more efficiently, as well as to implement and measure their interactive demos throughout the entire sales funnel. 

Here are our favorite new features from 2023:

We released over 70 new features in 2023. Holy Moly!

While we can’t go through every single one, we did round up our absolute favorites:

Major releases

Walnut's major product releases

Deal Intel

In case you didn’t hear, full-funnel demos are here to stay. 

But just using interactive demos throughout the sales funnel isn’t enough. It’s about understanding the impact of your demos at each step of the sales cycle. 

That’s exactly why we launched Deal Intel

Based on easy-to-install integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot, this solution gives your sales team the ability to assess the impact of their full-funnel demo applications in a single dashboard. The feature offers a comprehensive view of deal progress and key metrics, so you can identify deal risks and make data-driven decisions that drive success. 

The demo engagement data is automatically matched with the information in the CRM, reducing dependency on direct AE reporting and demo tagging.

On top of this, Deal Intel also reduces risks and boosts engagement by helping you identify hidden stakeholders, understand the buying committee’s scope, and seamlessly transfer knowledge across the sales process.

You can also use the unique access to broad sets of demo data to gain an unparalleled competitive advantage, by seeing how your demo engagement compares to industry benchmarks. Plus, you’ll get notified of any red flags with a particular customer.

Learn more about Deal Intel

Walnut Ace

Times were tough in 2023. With more limited resources, GTM teams needed to be able to stretch the solutions they are using to maximize their value. 

This made it more important than ever for sales teams to find ways to improve their efficiency and maximize sales velocity. 

This drove us to release Walnut Ace, which included a bunch of integrations to give sales teams a way to do more with less. 

As part of our OpenAI integration, we started offering an AI-powered assistant that lives in your Walnut’s presenter notes and assists with editing notes, writing new scripts, or answering any questions prospects may have.

Meanwhile, the Gmail integration lets you easily attach a Walnut demo to your email directly in Gmail. 

With our Slack integration, your team can receive alerts from Slack when someone views or comments on your demos.  

Salesforce app

With our new Walnut for Salesforce app, you can now access demo engagement data directly from your Salesforce accounts, opportunities, and contacts. You can effortlessly track demo usage and evaluate its impact with readily available Walnut reports in your Salesforce interface. 


new Walnut integrations

Automatically track your demo engagement data  directly in Salesforce

We added the ability to enable Smart Demo-to-Deal Sync, which means that Walnut will seamlessly identify and associate demo engagement data with the corresponding deals— directly in Salesforce. 


We added the ability to embed your existing Marketo forms in your demos.

With this new integration, your leads’ information will be collected directly in Marketo, and the engagement data will be available as part of the lead contact detail. This will help you gather leads when their intent is at its highest to boost your lead generation. 

Demo creation

New Walnut demo creation features

Capture Interactions

To succeed in today’s market, it’s all about giving prospects an authentic and true-to-life product experience.

And that’s where Capture Interactions comes into play. We released this feature to help sales teams record interactive elements within their product. This helps you ensure that your interactive elements behave in the exact same way your product does.

Editing Charts

Now, you can enhance your killer demos by making your charts interactive and editable so you can tweak sensitive data and make your charts look even cooler and prettier.

Turn demos into a video-like experience 

In 2023, we also added the ability to provide a video-like experience for prospects by launching the Audio On Guides and Autoplay features.  

Audio On Guides

With Audio On Guides, you can make your demos more accessible and offer another layer of personalization by adding an audio file to your guide’s steps.


With the Autoplay feature, you’re able to play the entire demo for the prospect automatically without needing to click through it. You can also Autoplay through specific screens so that the demo truly replicates the feel of your product.

Demo management

New Walnut demo management features

We also made some changes to the way our platform looks, feels, and works to make the experience even smoother for our users. 

Demo customization flow

We built a new demo customization flow to improve the handoff between editors & sellers. 

Now, editors will have a new way to share demo templates to give sellers one consolidated place to preview the template, personalize it with variables, allow prospects to add comments, connect it to their CRM, and share the link with prospects. All with the peace of mind that the demo’s narrative won’t be changed.

Folders and file changes

On top of this, we also made it organize and locate what you’ve created vs. what was shared with you, and to make sure your team has the right permissions and access to what they need.

We added a new structure to the left side menu to differentiate and easily navigate between content that has been shared with you or created by you. There are also two new filter options: one to exclusively view templates and one to view demos. 

In addition, until recently, folders have always been public for everyone in the organization, with no way to control it. Now, you can define who from the organization has access to the folder and the type of access they’ll have to the demos inside the folder – all in one place.

To learn more about the new demo library, read the article.  


This year, we said goodbye” to sending each demo template individually. 

From now on, you can easily organize your team into groups to manage permissions, and share content with all of them at once. This helps you get the relevant content in reps’ hands and collect more feedback – faster.


New Walnut analytics

What’s coming in 2024?

While we’re proud of everything we accomplished over the last year, we’ve only just scratched the surface. 

2024 will bring new updates and improvements as we continue to change the way SaaS is bought and sold. 

We remain unwavering in our commitment to driving forward and building a product that sales teams can use to win more deals faster and prospects can enjoy to improve the buying experience. 

Because we won’t stop until we rid the world of the SaaS buying disease.

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