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with interactive tutorials.

Discover Walnut's interactive tutorial software: 
From client onboarding to training and retention,  skyrocket your customer success team's performance.
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Onboard easily with interactive tours & tutorials

Make your customers' onboarding experience a breeze. Create interactive tutorials to train them to use your platform.

Get more value with powerful insights

Discover what features your customers use (or neglect) and help them make the most out of your solution.

Train to win with personalized experiences

Improve your customers’ satisfaction by onboarding them with guided interactive tutorials and product tours.

The smartest way to nail your client onboarding: at your fingertips.

Walnut annotations

Create easily guided tutorials

  • Customize your tutorials and product tours for each customer in minutes - Zero code needed
  • Add annotations to help them navigate your software
Walnut analytics and insights

Collect data and insights 

  • Discover where your customers click and what features they use most to increase retention
  • Optimize your SaaS onboarding materials based on insights
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Work together, work faster

  • Collaborate with your customers to create the perfect onboarding materials for their own teams and increase product adoption
  • Create product tours templates for each onboarding use-case and scale your training material
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Alon Maimoni - NetApp
Alon Maimoni
Director digital sales
Walnut enables us to easily create flexible environments where users discover and try our solutions- allowing us to streamline our onboarding process.
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