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Nuts About Presales - Patty Hager, Executive Director of North America PreSales at Lenovo

Nuts About Presales - Patty Hager

In our 3rd episode of #NutsAboutPreSales, we chatted with the brilliant Patty Hager, Executive Director of North America PreSales at Lenovo.

Hear from one of the best in the presales biz as she covers how to stand firm in your integrity, a priceless sales presentation hack, what makes a good presales pro, and more.

Watch the video or read the transcripts below:

What’s your name and where do you work

Hi! Patty Hager, I am Executive Director of North America PreSales at Lenovo.

What’s your craziest presales story?

I was in the midst of a demo and a sales rep said we could do something that we emphatically could NOT do. And this was critical for the customer. And integrity is what I base my entire career on so I handed her the keyboard to show the customer what she thought we can do. 

What’s your best coaching tip for presales professionals?

My best coaching tip would be to listen deeply and be agile in the customer discussions and presentations. 

How do you define success in presales?

I think it’s about how effective you are in converting pipeline to close deals. I think it’s about how you can enhance a customer’s vision, tell them something they don’t know that could advance their business.

As I look at some of the top presales people that I’ve led over the years, they want to become an advisor to their clients. 

What’s the secret to a successful sales and presales collab?

I personally have carried a bag and been a sales rep as a part of my career journey in preSales and understanding the risk/reward of carrying a multi-million dollar quota and that pressure makes preSales appreciate the pressure that the salesperson is under and makes them a better partner. 

What’s the most important skill in presales?

The most important skill I would say is listening. It is all about the customer. 

What’s your best presentation hack?

If you’re doing a meeting virtually, put in the chat “I showed you three or four things. Of those things, what do you think would most benefit your business?”

And really start to see what areas are resonating most with the clients. And that becomes great post-meeting notes to help you as you’re going further along in the sales cycle.

Sell me a walnut!

Actually, in 1 oz of a walnut, there is about 8 different health benefits that can be derived from consuming walnuts every day. 

So I would say put the walnuts on everything. 

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