Better product marketing starts with interactive product tours.

Show don't tell.
Increase conversions by giving your visitors a chance to interact with your product straight on your website.
Walnut solution for marketing teams
Embed virtual product tours everywhere

Integrate an interactive product walkthrough into all of your digital marketing assets, including your website, landing pages, blog articles, emails, presentations, and wherever else you can think.

Collect valuable insights & optimize

Track your product tours insights to discover the features your visitors and subscribers enjoy the most. Optimize your product marketing strategy accordingly.

Gather new marketing leads

Require visitors to provide their information before they try out your product tour.
Encourage them to book a meeting with a sales rep during the product walkthrough.

Engage your visitors with interactive product experiences.
Discover Walnut's product tour software.

Walnut editor

Create easily virtual product tours

  • Easily edit your product tours without coding.
  • Customize text, images, data, and more, to present the most relevant aspect of your product to your visitors.
Walnut sharing panel

Guide your prospects around

  • Add annotations to your product walkthroughs and let your users try your most important features easily.
  • Gain insights into your software's value by collecting data about your visitors’ product walkthrough usage.
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Embed and share

  • Embed your product tour on your website and other marketing assets, or simply share a link with your leads.
  • Follow up with leads who engaged with your product tour by sending them a personalized product tour to share with other decision-makers.
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Walnut allows our customers to truly experience our product.
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