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Train your team using interactive demos

Give your team the practical knowledge they need by using a demo to showcase the ins and outs of your product and its features.

Why train your team with interactive demos?

Don’t just explain to your team how your product works, show them! There’s no better way to learn than to see precisely how it operates. 

Utilize a demo to provide your team with hands-on experience, showing them how best to utilize the product and how it helps different businesses.

How it solves your team’s pains:

Help your team understand exactly how the product works and let them play around with it so they can see what each feature does.

How to train your team with Walnut 

1. Give them a choice—Allow your teammates to choose which path to take by offering both a guided path and a non-guided path. A guided path allows your teammates to be taught in a structured way, whereas a non-guided path allows your teammates to roam freely to get a feel for the product.

2. Add context— Use a “modal” guide type to add a welcome message as the first step and quickly explain the value your teammates can expect to gain from the demo.

3. Pick the right guide for your needs— Determine whether it makes more sense for your product to include a textual guide with an avatar that explains things, or whether you just want to include a “hotspot” guide that simply indicates to visitors where they should click next.


  1. Once you finish creating and editing your demo template, publish the demo, grab the link, and share it with your teammates so they can quickly learn more about the product.
  2. Give your teammates a voice — Enable the Comments feature to encourage teammates to let you know what they found confusing or what they didn’t understand so that you can continue the conversation with them.

Tracking your interactive demo’s success

  1. Once your demo is live on the site, track your demo in our Insights section to see which teammates viewed it, for how long, and which parts they found most interesting.

2. Track comments to resolve questions. 

Data points to track

  • Activity log in Demo Insights 
  • Viewers in Demo Insights 
  • Demo average completion rate

Ready to train your team with interactive demos? Get started with Walnut now! 

Create demos your prospects will love today.

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