Company name:  Walnut

Why did we launch #WeAreProspects?
Buying software is a pain in the (s)ass for every prospect. The process is long, often unpersonalized, and ridiculously complex. We launch the #WeAreProspects movement to invite companies that help improve the prospect experience to offer their service to anyone, all in one place. And with special discounts. Because Walnut is love.

What is there for your business?
Walnut helps you create interactive and personalized demos of your product that your prospects can try at any stage of the sales process.

Special #WeAreProspects offer:
1 month free. And you're welcome to try it and decide if it's what you're looking for. Liked what you see? Talk to us!

Recommended read:
What's a product demo? The full guide for sales teams.

"SaaS sales sucks [...] I mean, man!"
- Yoav Vilner, CEO at Walnut

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